Canon debuts a sharper version of its popular Super Telephoto Zoom Lens – the EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS II USM

For photographers who want to be closer to their subjects, the minimum focusing distance of the lens has been reduced to 3.2 ft. (0.98m), resulting in magnification of 0.31x.

Canon U.S.A. just announced their new EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L II USM lens, a compact super-telephoto zoom lens featuring improvements in optical quality, image stabilization performance up-to-four steps, and rotating-zoom-ring design. The L-series super- telephoto zoom lens features Canon L-series weather resistance and magnesium housing to photographers... Read more


The RED EPIC-M DRAGON MONOCHROME joins the Otto Nemenz fleet of EPICS that have now been converted to Dragons.

Nemenz Adds RED DRAGON® MONOCHROME Camera Hollywood, California, September 10, 2014—Otto Nemenz International, announces that they are now offering the new RED EPIC-M DRAGON® MONOCHROME camera. Otto Nemenz specializes in the rental and support of high-end digital cinema cameras, lenses, and accessories to the Hollywood community and beyond. ... Read more

Seen At Cine Gear 2014 – Hive Lighting’s selection of ‘plasma’ low draw, high output lighting systems

Hive Lighting Live Interview At Cine Gear 2014
Hive Lighting Killer Plasma Light
At this last Cine Gear Hive Lighting was on point with their line based around a newer lighting technology; plasma. With an output slightly besting LED lights, Hive claims plasma is flicker free at up to 225 million fps with bulbs that last a long time thanks to the elimination of filaments and electrodes from the design. Instead, the bulb works by... Read more