HPA 2020 Tech Retreat, Part 2

Instead of speaker after speaker, the day 2 Supersession featured live content creation
HPA 2020 Tech Retreat
Last time, I talked about an annual meeting in Palm Springs, California, where Hollywood minds discuss all things about content creation. The second day of the Hollywood Professional Association Tech Retreat is referred to as the Supersession. This year it certainly earned that title. Rather than scheduling speaker after speaker to talk about various... Read more

Neutral Density Is Changing

Why would we want to discuss something as boring as ND filters? Simple, because the times, they are a changin’.
This Tiffen Variable ND filter is one of the most commonly used ND filters for mirrorless hybrid and DSLR shooters.  Neutral-density filtration. Why would we want to discuss something as boring as ND filters? Simple, because the times, they are a changin’ and along with them, how we think about ND filters is also changing. Depending on which... Read more

The Evolution Of The Mirrorless Hybrid Camera With The Fujifilm X-T4

Is it money well spent to sell off your X-T3 and upgrade to the X-T4?
The new Fujifilm X-T4 Mirrorless Hybrid is the latest offering from Fujifilm. As you’ve seen if you’re tapped into camera/production social media and it’s resulting blogosphere, Fujifilm recently announced the successor to the Fujifilm X-T3, one of the most popular cameras it has ever produced. We shot a project for a Los Angeles NPR station... Read more

Ready Camera 1, Take 1

A crash course in live streaming: The key to stepping outside of your comfort zone is to stay calm and focused
Ready Camera 1
Livestream Studio is a fully featured live streaming package that’s popular in the streaming world. How often do you try something new in your work? I mean really new, like something you’ve never done before? Or what about something you haven’t done for a long time? Recently, a friend who I’ve known for quite a few years approached me about... Read more

HPA 2020 Tech Retreat, Part 1

A post oasis in the desert
Every February, some of the smartest minds in the content creation world come together and engage in presentations, discussions and debates about wide-ranging topics. They call it the Hollywood Professional Association Tech Retreat. I try to make time every year to travel to Palm Springs so I can absorb the unvarnished content that attracts current... Read more


More nits? More confusion?
Besides 8K at CES, high dynamic range (HDR) was also being shouted about from the rooftops. I saw a lot of HDR displays. I saw some good HDR footage. I saw some bad HDR footage. I also saw SDR footage playing on HDR displays. And I saw two spectacular HDR clips. Two. All the hype and the poor ratio of great to not great footage reminded me a little... Read more

Optical Choices for 2020, Part 1

A look at some of the lens choices available for the Canon EF mount and the best situations to use them in
Optical Choices for 2020
There are so many lens choices possible in 2020. Not only lens brands and models, but different types of lenses for different functionality. Let’s talk lenses. In 2020, we have many, many choices in lenses, especially depending on the camera you shoot with. Our main digital cinema cameras are the Canon C300 MKII and the Canon C200. Choosing the best... Read more


More pixels, less bezels
CES always offers a mind-blowing array of screens on display. Also mind-blowing is the hype that goes with them. This year’s exhibition in Las Vegas was no different. I never walk away from CES with a definite idea of what the best display is. It’s really not a place to compare, as nothing is side by side or showing the same material. What I do... Read more

Accessorizing Your Camera

There’s a huge array of accessories available that allow DSLR/mirrorless cameras to perform better when shooting video
Accessorizing Your Camera
The Canon EOS Cinema C200 Digital Camcorder with a good amount of accessories on board. Digital Cinema Camera manufacturers spend a lot of time and effort crafting the designs of the cameras that we buy and use. The ergonomics, layout, design workflow and usability are a significant part of the camera design budget. Yet how many times have you bought... Read more

Tech Crossover

Using non-pro gear in a professional environment
At CES, I walk the acres of exhibit floors looking at all the new technology. There isn’t a great deal that applies to my job as a video editor, but certainly, displays and various capture devices do. Also, as someone who has been involved in the tech industry for most of my life, I relish the opportunity to learn where technology is going. As I view... Read more