Events — Sigma Cine Lenses At The ASC

With matched gearing and imaging characteristics as well as constant T2.0 aperture on 18-35mm and a 50-100mm zooms, Sigma’s new cine lenses debuted this last week at The ASC in Hollywood
Sigma Cine Lenses - PL mount for ARRI Alexa Mini
Announced at IBC, I first heard whispers of new cinema-barrel lenses from Sigma at NAB. Now they’ve officially hit stateside with an unveiling this last Thursday at The ASC clubhouse in Hollywood. With slideshow presentation by Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki, there were also a number of working prototypes available to use with several camera and monitoring... Read more

Events — Ver Camera Open House Los Angeles

The Ver Camera open house in Glendale unveiled massive 24/7 rental facilities, on-ground testing and repair and even 3D-printing for specialized gear needs
Sensor calibration bays at VER Los Angeles
This last Thursday, the VER “go-to company for bringing experiences to life” had an open house at their newest location, also headquarters, in Glendale just north of Los Angeles. Not limited to camera and broadcast production, the gigantic facilities are home to several blocks of lots housing cinema, broadcast, A/V and live production gear as well... Read more

Gear — Drone Volt Janus 360

Flying virtual reality — The Drone Volt Janus 360 aerial camera system
The Janus 360 aerial drone with virtual reality using ten GoPro cameras
Offering flying mount for a 10-array setup of any GoPro camera, the new Drone Volt Janus 360 promises VR capture from the sky. With up to 15 minutes of flight time, the system will also store 150 GB of imagery and transit HD live. Based out of France, Drone Volt dropped by Hot Rod Cameras in Hollywood this last weekend to preview the Drone Volt Janus... Read more

Gear — PowerVision PowerEye

With dual viewing and and optional 4K/UHD thermal camera, a new professional cinematography drone, the PowerVision PowerEye, is available for pre-order with MFT camera at 4,640 x 3,480 resolution
The new PowerVision PowerEye drone with full 4K video capture and Micro Four Thirds camera
Available now for pre-order with shipping scheduled for December, the new $3,988 PowerVision PowerEye is aimed at professional video creators offering a unique “Dual Viewing” mode with integrated First Person View camera that will allow both streams to be captured at once. Carrying a Panasonic Lumix G 14mm F2.5 ASPH camera, the drone design is also... Read more

Events — Adobe Video World

Adobe updated several new Premiere Pro and After Effects features at IBC this month. Adobe Video World 2016, which begins today in Seattle, is the first chance to get to know them in person
Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro enhancements and new tools announced at IBC 2016 will be in discussion at Adobe Video World in Seattle
Adobe is becoming kind of a big deal outside of Photoshop. In 2015, they scored, literally, not only big budget films like the Coen Brothers’ Hail, Caesar! and the number-one R-rated money-maker of all time, Deadpool, but also a number of broadcast productions like The Simpsons, where they broke new ground with the Adobe Character Animator by producing... Read more

Gear — YI Cameras — As In Young Innovators

At Photokina 2016, YI cameras, a new company, looks poised to make a big splash with a cadre of insanely affordable but still quite capable video solutions
YI cameras are available in action cam sizes with a number of specialized accessories and mounts available
While I’m definitely posting this mostly for the cat ad, a new camera company based out of China, YI cameras, which stands for Young Innovators, is releasing what looks to be several very capable camera systems at rock-bottom pricing. Built around Sony sensors, YI has already released a smattering of new products and announced several more, including... Read more

Gear — Photokina 2016 Video Roundup

Best of the best: exciting video solutions debuted this week at Photokina 2016 in Germany with new product from Sony, Olympus, Sigma, Canon and Panasonic, just to start
The Panasonic DMC-GH5 camera is teased with 4K video capture at Photokina 2016
Photokina 2016 started this week in Germany. While the convention is definitely targeted directly at the still-photography market, regardless, as multimedia lines continue to blur, there was an almost overwhelming amount of gear unleashed for video makers. Rounding up several of the more important announcements below, find out about other brand-spanking-new... Read more

Gear — FDR-X3000R And HDR-AS300R Sony Action Cams

Sony Action Cams — two new POV camera solutions with image stabilization: a flagship 4K model, the FDR-X3000R, and the HDR-AS300R with 1080p
Sony Action Cams — flagship 4K model, the FDR-X3000R, and the HDR-AS300R with 1080p
Both offering enhanced image stabilization, Sony has announced two new action cameras: a top-of-the-line model, the $400 4K FDR-X3000R, and the $300 HDR-AS300R with HD capabilities. Featuring the Balanced Optical SteadyShot (B.O.SS, get it?) technology for image stabilization, the lens and sensor are coupled internally to adjust for camera shake. Despite... Read more

IBC 2016 — ARRI Mania

ARRI IBC 2016 — A number of new developments from ARRI have been unleashed including a new SkyPanel light and features, Master Grips handgrips, international support and SXT camera upgrades
ARRI IBC 2016 — Master Grips on the ARRI Amira
ARRI IBC 2016 looked to be quite the event this year with a swath of new products, features and upgrades. Most excitingly, the ARRI Alexa XT family of cameras are now shipping as upgraded SXT versions with newly incorporated and much more powerful image and color processing boards that have been inherited from the flagship ARRI Alexa 65 and Amira. Standing... Read more

Gear — Sony 18-110mm Super 35mm APS-C Lens

With power zoom, minimized lens breathing and constant F4 aperture, the Sony 18-110mm F4 E PZ G OSS (SELP18110G) lens cover Super 35 sensors for a 35mm equivalent 27–165mm range
Sony 18-110mm F4 E PZ G OSS (SELP18110G) lens
The second lens to sport Sony’s new Smooth Motion Optics for minimized image breathing during video capture, the new Sony 18-110mm PZ F4 G OSS lens (model SELP18110G) is a lightweight all-in-one single-purchase solution for Super 35 and APS-C cameras with Sony E mount. With 6.1x zoom, the high resolution lens is very compact at 6-5/8 “ x 4-3/8”... Read more