NAB 2016 — The Kinefinity Terra Camera Brings Affordable 6K To The Masses

With capture at up to 6K and 5K resolutions, versatile options and a body weight of only 920g, the new Terra is an earth shaker

There was a big surprise in the back halls of NAB with Chinese company Kinefinity and their very affordable 6K and 5K Terra camera models at $6000 and $5000 respectively. With Super 35 sensor and Steel/Titanium Alloy Kine MOUNT PL mount, the system can also be mounted to Canon EF through the option of a Cine Lock-style EF mount or through $499 EF Mount... Read more

NAB 2016 — Sennheiser’s Virtual Reality Microphone And New MKE 440, MK4 And HandMic Digitals

The company showcased a number of new audio solutions at this year’s convention including surround sound VR technology

I had heard from several people during NAB about the VR audio display from Sennheiser, and even though I stopped by early in the morning on Wednesday to visit, it was already thronged with people, especially unusual considering the booth was found in the remote North Hall. The AMBEO 3D Audio 9.1 installation was using Neumann monitors to showcase an... Read more

NAB 2016 — Creamsource LED Film And Television Lighting Range from Outsight

A discussion with Tama Berkeljon on the Creamsource lighting used on productions like Captain America: Civil War, The Hobbit and Zero Dark Thirty

HDVP Editor Simon Wakelin — Memorable meetings over the past few days included a chat with Tama Berkeljon, Managing Director at Outsight Pty Ltd, who produces the Creamsource range of high end lights. A specialist in film and TV lighting, the company possesses some of the most advanced LED technology available on the market today. Chatting at NAB... Read more

NAB 2016 — Wrapping Up The New Camera Announcements From RED, Canon, Panasonic And Sony

HDVP Editor Simon Wakelin discusses cam production at this year’s convention

HDVP Editor Simon Wakelin — New firmware upgrades were also afoot including Sony’s 2.0 update providing RAW output from the PXW-FS5. This allows F5S owners to now take full advantage of recording RAW 4K 12-bit quality footage to any compatible external recorder. This includes Atomos who, along with Convergent Design, support Sony’s new recording... Read more

NAB 2016 — TASCAM Calls Shotgun For DSLRs And Camcorders

The audio company hits the sweet spot for indie filmmakers with the very affordable and extensively capable DR-10SG 3.5mm jack microphone

Capable of dual capture at an incredibly economic price point, the DR-10SG is the flagship new release from TASCAM for this year’s NAB convention. Able to utilize microSD cards at up to 2GB and microSDHC cards from 4GB to 32GB, the DR-10SG will capture internally to the card at the same that it also feeds high resolution audio via the Camera Output... Read more

NAB 2016 — Rosco’s Smooth As Silk 110 LED Soft Light

Slated for availability this spring, the new fixture expands the Silk line of bicolor LED lights for feature film, broadcast and location work

With similar features as the already available Silk 210, Rosco has announced a sister panel to the family with the Silk 110. At only 9.25 lbs and similar high color output ratings as the Silk 210, the lightweight 15.9” x 15.5” x 3.9” Silk 110 is ideal for beauty lighting and skin tone. It includes an AC cable and 100-240VAC power supply, while... Read more

NAB 2016 — Zylight Shines With The New Pro-Panel LED

A new panel light solution offers cool operation and energy savings

Zylight has announced the Pro-Panel variable color soft light. On display in Booth 5049, the 1×2 foot or 2×2 foot models adjust from tungsten to daylight in a range of 2700-6500K, providing up to a Color Rendering Index of 95 CRI. Fully dimmable, the 110-degree beam angle can be shaped with included honey comb louver and gel frame. Two custom... Read more

NAB 2016 Preview — LED Lighting Solutions And A Versatile Dolly From Fotodiox

Designed for affordable independent productions, Fotodiox launches new FlapJack LED lights and the extremely adaptable CamDolly at this year’s NAB convention

Fotodiox Pro, national distributor of several affordable filmmaking and broadcast tech lines featuring everything from lens adapters to camera rigs, is debuting two new LED solutions at the 2016 NAB as well as the CamDolly Cinema System first introduced last year as a prototype. This year, with its fully functional debut, the modular CamDolly system... Read more

NAB 2016 Preview — More Optics Goodness From CW Sonderoptic

Based out of Germany, the sister company to Leica is debuting the Cine MacroLux +1 diopter for cinematographers next week in Las Vegas

Featuring a stackable construction, the Leica Cine MacroLux +1 diopter has several uses. For macro work, it will decrease the minimum focal distance which can be useful on long lenses for magnifying the image in relation to the sensor size. With the 135mm Summicron-C, for example, the minimum focus distance is reduced from 5’ to 2’6”. It also... Read more

NAB 2016 Preview — Working With CODEX And The RED Weapon 8K Camera On The Upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Sequel

A presentation from SHED’s Matt Watson and Matt Tomlinson on managing the massive workflow of James Gunn’s follow-up for the wildly popular Guardians of the Galaxy plus the new Codex Production Suite 4.5

While Canon will have a working 8K camera demonstration at this year’s NAB, RED has already delivered to cinema productions with the RED WEAPON 8K. Currently the camera is having its tires kicked on one of the most anticipated movie sequels ever; Guardians of the Galaxy from director James Gunn. Promising frame rates of up to 75 fps in full 8K resolution... Read more

NAB 2016 Preview — Top Ten Things To See At The Show! (Part Two)

Five more essential stops at the world’s largest convention for multimedia productions!

There always seems to be a thematic focus at each year’s NAB convention, like drones in 2012-2013, 4K in 2014 and now more alphabet soup with trends like HDR, VR and 8K. This year’s NAB convention will be immersed, so to speak, in virtual reality technology, which is likely to explode in the next few years thanks to so many tremendous projects literally... Read more

NAB 2016 Preview — Top Ten Things To See At The Show! (Part One)

Rounding up the gear and events that we’re most excited to see during the next National Association of Broadcasters convention

From April 16th-20th, the largest convention in the world for broadcast, radio and entertainment technology, the annual NAB show, begins the weekend after next with an all out assault of press announcements and new gear throughout the weekend as well as the three days following. Held at the massive Las Vegas Convention Center, estimated attendance of... Read more