Gear — Panasonic VariCam Firmware 6.0 Update

New operational features, workflow enhancements and recording options with the VariCam Firmware 6.0 upgrade for the Panasonic VariCam 35 and HS
VariCam Firmware 6.0 for the Panasonic VariCam 35 and HS adds new features and workflow enhancements
Panasonic has released a free firmware upgrade, VariCam Firmware 6.0, for the VariCam 35 as well as its higher-frame-rate brethren, the VariCam HS, which offers HD capture at up to 240fps. Adding several new key features that expand recording options in both systems, there are also a number of operational and workflow enhancements. Some of these include... Read more

Gear — Anton/Bauer’s First IATA Compliant Battery

First out of the gate to meet new regulations, a firmware update for the Performance Quad Charger will discharge power levels to air travel safety restrictions
The Anton/Bauer Quad Charger to meet new IATA travel compliance
Announced to take effect this last April, the International Air Transport Association has released stringent new rules for Lithium batteries during air travel. Anton/Bauer is claiming that their new Performance Quad Charger will meet these qualifications by distilling the power down to any level, even the 30% SoC (state-of-charge) level specified by... Read more

Events — NAB New York

Following an annual exhibition every April in Las Vegas, the National Association of Broadcasters has started a new convention each November
NAB New York — A new chapter of the Las Vegas NAB expo
The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is ramping up for a new East Coast sister-chapter of the typically massive show held annually in Las Vegas. The NAB convention brings more than 1,700 exhibitors and 100,000 media and broadcast professionals to Nevada each April. Comparatively, the much more intimate NAB New York expo in New York had an... Read more

Gear — Advanced Chimera Lighting Solutions

New lighting innovations from a favorite in cinematography
Chimera Lighting has been killing it with their extensive line of professional lighting solutions and accessories over this last year. First introducing new ARRI SkyPanel accessories in April at NAB, they also had a number of recent items on display at Cine Gear, including spanking new Octa lightbank solutions, several adapters for LED solutions, an... Read more

Cine Gear 2016 — 8K Panavision Millennium DXL

Combining technologies from RED, Light Iron and Panavision, there’s a new camera in the top end filmmaking segment
The Panavision Millennium DXL camera at Cine Gear 2016 — Photo by David Alexander Willis
It’s interesting to see over time how things can often come full circle. Following more than sixty years of filmmaking production and camera production, Panavision was one of the first filmmaking companies to embrace digital back in 2006 with the Panavision Genesis, and despite an incredibly strong start with usage on films like Apocalyptico, Superman... Read more

Gear — The Eclipse Net Family From Redrock Micro

“Solo camera operators can now do it all” thanks to a new brand of products with advanced automated follow focus tracking and remote control lens operation
Redrock Micro Eclipse Net
Redrock Micro is known primarily for professional rigs and accessories designed to make smaller camera systems like DSLRs a much more viable solution for video capture. At this year’s NAB conference, the company announced the new Eclipse Net series of camera support accessories that makes it a lot easier to control camera functions and follow focus... Read more

Gear — A Lightweight 8mm 180 Degree Fisheye Lens From Duclos For Drone And VR

The motion picture lenses company has released a specialty lens with durable exterior and electronic control for remote and aerial work

Duclos Lenses, located in Chatsworth, California, Duclos Lenses has released a new $4,995 8mm fisheye lens for EF mount cameras. With robust exterior and hyperlocal distance ranging from 1.5’ to infinity, the lens is an ideal choice for documentary and location work. Unusual for third party models of this caliber, aperture can be controlled electronically... Read more

Video — High Speed Stage From Hive Lighting and Drone Dudes

A new video showcases the high frame rate possibilities of a dedicated space in Los Angeles from the top shelf lighting and aerial cinematography companies

I’ve covered high-end plasma company Hive Lighting’s Bee Plasma Flood light for HDVideoPro previously. It’s an incredibly bright light with a homogenous open-face spread that works out to an 1000 watt HMI equivalent panel. You you can find that review from several years ago here. Since then, Hive Lighting has continued to output, so to speak,... Read more

Gear — The Beachtek DXA-MICRO-PRO Audio Adapter For DSLR Video

Announced post-NAB, the audio solutions company’s compact two-channel system for using professional microphones with 3.5mm equipped cameras

Our look at the TASCAM DR-10SG super cardioid shotgun mic, released at this years’s NAB, is proving to be a very popular article for DSLR users, no doubt thanks to the low price point and redundant capture straight to the audio track of the DSLR. It’s a no-brainer that if you’re using a DSLR for video, the internal microphone is just not going... Read more

Gear — AJA And Their Free System Test Lite App For Apple iPhones And Tablets

A Mac and Windows software solution for measuring system and hard drive performance levels is now available for the Apple iOS operating system

Available for free download on the Apple Store here , AJA has announced a Lite version of their popular AJA System Test software for Windows and Mac solutions. The app establishes a real world speed test that allows it to simulate the reading and writing of files. Designed specifically for digital video and post production houses, the app will work... Read more

Gear — New Mount Converter for Using Sigma SA And Canon EF Lenses On Sony E-Mount Cameras

Sigma announces $249 MC-11 Mount Converter that allows usage of fifteen Sigma Canon EF mount and Sigma SA mount lenses on Sony E mount cameras

Sony mirrorless camera users just gained several new glass options through Sigma and the MC-11 Mount Converter. At only $249 in either Sony E-mount for Canon lenses or Sony E-mount for Sigma lenses, the MC-11 gives Sony E mount cameras compatibility with fifteen Sigma Canon Mount (EF) or Sigma Mount (SA) lenses. Available in several zooms and primes,... Read more

NAB Wrap-Up 2016 — Rounding Up Ten Of The Top New Gear Announcements

From cameras to lighting to lenses, this year’s convention unleashed the latest toys for VR, HDR, 8K and IP

The NAB registered attendance topped 103,000 this year, with nearly 2,000 exhibitors covering more than a million square feet of ground. Try as we might, with more than sixty meet-and-greets, the HDVP team saw a number of fun and exiting new technologies that we just didn’t have the time to give love to during the show. So, in no particular order,... Read more