Live Streaming From The Zoo

There's a growing demand for higher-end, more sophisticated live stream services
Live Streaming From The Zoo
The 2020 Los Angeles Zoo Beastly Ball was a live event that we produced as a live stream event due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent quarantine. The event raised over a million dollars for the Los Angeles Zoo. What Kind Of Production Is Happening During Quarantine? Here we are a few months into quarantine in Southern California. Work has been... Read more

Starting Organized, Part 1

Creating a master folder structure
Previously, I wrote about how keeping organized can help you to be more efficient so that you spend more time editing and less time managing media. I suggested that if you take the time to create a “master” folder structure, you can copy that structure as you begin each project, rather than recreating a new system each time. So, what might that... Read more

Getting Organized

A little work on the front end can help you stay organized
Getting Organized
When I edit, the more time I spend on non-editing tasks, the more the project suffers. That’s why I make sure that my workflow for tasks like outputting approvals and ingesting footage are nailed down with presets that I’ve worked out ahead of time. But there’s an even more important process that makes me efficient: organization. Being... Read more

How Is 2020 Going To Change The Camera Market?

A look at the current state of the pro video camera market and how the pandemic has affected it
How Is 2020 Going To Change The Camera Market?
2020 may be looked back upon in the near future as the year that everything changed. This is a still from the last production I shot pre-quarantine, just a week before the stay at home order was issued. Heading into 2020 from 2019 saw a lot of excitement in the professional video/mirrorless hybrid/digital cinema camera space. We saw several new cameras... Read more

Taking It Online

Preparing yourself to grow your skill set and utilize it in new ways for potential clients and audiences will likely become a part of our “new normal”
Taking It Online
Is 2020 the year that live streaming graduates to the mainstream and beyond? Circumstances seem to be dictating that may come true. Since we’re still smack in the middle of the great quarantine of 2020, and many of us are heading into month three of little to no paying work, I want to talk about taking it online. As witnessed by a casual browse through... Read more

Remote Editing, Part 4

Did it work?
I wrote about getting the right connections for remote editing. I talked about encoding so I could stream my session live. Last time, I examined the whole concept of latency—how delayed the stream would be when it arrived at a client’s location. Now the questions are “Did it work?” and “What did I stream?” Even though I went through various... Read more

Sound Devices Steps Up During Pandemic

Doing well by doing good
Sound Devices Steps Up
In 2017, I purchased the Sound Devices Mix Pre 3, a small mixer/recorder that’s perfect for more video-oriented users who want to record better quality audio as well. First, a bit of history on my part. I’ve been using equipment from manufacturer Sound Devices for about 10 years. I’m not a full-time location sound mixer; I record sound on many... Read more

Remote Editing, Part 3

Did I need near-zero latency?
Last time, I talked about streaming services’ understanding of low latency. Now it’s my turn. I usually edit with clients in my suite, so I’m accustomed to near-zero latency (yes near-zero, as there’s latency in displays). But as I thought about latency for a remote edit, I realized I had to be realistic about what I really need. I had to... Read more

Remote Editing, Part 2

Encoding and latency
Remote editing
Last time, I talked about the importance of handling all the connection details when you edit remotely. It’s up to you to decide if that was the easy part. The next step was to be able to stream my session to my clients who’d be in different locations with different connections and different levels of patience. Luckily, before this whole environment... Read more

Mounting An Overhead Camera With The WALI Monitor Arm

An easy and inexpensive solution to overhead shooting
Mounting An Overheard Camera With The WALI Monitor Arm
Finding an inexpensive, small and light way to mount an overhead camera has been a challenge. The methods we’ve used work but are not small, light or inexpensive. Until now. One of my favorite types of production to light and shoot is tabletop. It’s rare as a DP to have complete lighting, art direction and stage control over a scene unless it’s... Read more