Getting Ready For Color In Postproduction

Simplifying the process so color grading is easier
postproduction, video editing, color grading
In the last couple of posts, I’ve gone on and on about nesting. I thought I was finished with the topic, but my last post—avoiding trouble when you transfer your project to an audio designer—reminded me of some things you can do to make a grading session easier. There are many ways to create files for a color session (usually, XML or AAF) and... Read more

First Look: Final Cut Pro 10.4 Update

Big advances in features despite the small version number change
Final Cut Pro 10.4
Today’s update of Final Cut Pro X to Final Cut Pro 10.4 brings a substantial number of features, despite a modest version number update from 10.3 to 10.4. For some programs, the number changes in this update would warrant a full version number change, so don’t let the version number fool you. Final Cut Pro 10.4 has three “major” new features,... Read more

Bringing All Of Your Tools To Set

Are the days of the single-camera shoot over?
I’m not sure what type of production you shoot mostly. Commercials? Web videos for corporations? Music videos? Narrative films? In my day-to-day life, I largely shoot a mix of documentary and documentary-style behind-the-scenes, marketing and promotional videos and corporate projects. It seems that, lately, no matter how much I try to boil down my... Read more

On The Importance Of Buying The Best Gear You Can

The short-term financial pain will be lessened each time you use that gear, doubly so each time you use it to create beautiful art
Filson hunting bibs
You can pry my Filson hunting bibs from my cold dead hands… Sitting on an exposed cliff, freezing 40 mph wind and horizontal rain pelting the two inches of exposed skin around my eyes, the author’s thoughts turn to gear. This column, indeed, the entire endeavor, is predicated on checking out the latest and greatest photo and filmmaking gear.... Read more

PhotoJoseph’s Live-Streaming Setup

A video tutorial with tips for live-streaming content
live streaming
If you’ve seen any of my live-streaming videos, you’ve probably gathered that there’s something more than an iPhone involved! I get asked all the time, “How are you streaming” or even “What app are you using on your iPad to switch?!” (I do switch sources using my iPad, but it’s just a remote control). This article and video are provided... Read more

The World By Drone

A selection of drone videos by SkyPixel's contest entrants show the world from a unique perspective
SkyPixel, in cooperation with DJI, has announced their picks of some of the best aerial stories submitted so far to the 2017 SkyPixel Photo Storytelling Contest. Many of the aerial photographers who were honored have shot incredible video footage via drones. Below is a selection of those videos that capture the world from above. The contest is open... Read more

Inside Canon Professional Service & Support Center

A visit to Canon’s service center in Lyndhurst, New Jersey
There’s no denying that for professional photographers and filmmakers, support of gear is nearly as important as the gear itself. Countless creatives have been saved by the repair and loan services of the various professional support programs. When I worked in the media centers of the Beijing and Vancouver Olympics, I watched as a stream of photographers... Read more

Audio Postproduction: Nesting On Down The Line

Nesting might be good for you, but bad for others
audio postproduction
As I mentioned last time, nesting can be a useful tool to solve problems when you move layered clips. But if you aren’t careful, nesting can lead to issues later on down the road, especially in audio postproduction. If your post workflow involves going to an audio suite for sound design and sweeting, you don’t typically bring your whole project... Read more

Layers In Postproduction: Feathering Your Nest

How to keep nesting flexible
post-production, video editing
Previously, I talked about using nesting to overcome opacity issues when applying dissolves with multiple layer scenes. Nesting can also be a useful tool to simplify complex layers so you can move scenes around. But nesting brings along its own complexity, too. If you pay attention, you can prevent hassles both now and later down the road as you finish... Read more

What’s The Best Bag For Your Gear?

A video comparison of roller case bags
For working pros that have to transport gear from location to location, protecting your gear and ease of use is of the utmost importance. But with so many camera bag makers on the market, how do you choose the bag that’s right for your needs? To help answer that question and narrow down your search, we turned to Cinecom, a video production and online... Read more