This Camera Transition Trick Will Blow Your Mind

Forget creating scene transitions in post. Check out this neat little trick for creating transitions with your camera.
Camera Transition Trick
Forget creating scene transitions in post. This neat little trick demonstrated by Peter McKinnon allows you to create seamless animated transitions with your camera while you’re shooting. Check it out. Read More → Read more

The Camera Store TV’s Best & Worst Gear Of 2017

Informative (and entertaining) reviews of photo and video gear from the last year
The annual Best & Worst show has become a TCSTV tradition, and is always among our most popular shows. 2017 was a fascinating, often confusing year for the photo and video industries, so Chris Niccolls and I debated our list (especially best stills camera of the year) constantly, leading up to the shoot. We decided there was no way for us to cover... Read more

Postproduction: Vertical Editing

Using multiple tracks to organize your thoughts
video editing
Sometimes I take things for granted. The first Avid I worked on had one level of undo, so I got good at making only one mistake at a time. No, really! Now with multiple layers of undo, I can make lots of mistakes. I’ve worked on systems that had multiple layers, but you had to indicate which one you wanted to view. There was no top-down compositing... Read more

Seven-Part Video Production Guide

Interested in making videos for a client? Check out this seven-part video production guide
Interested in making videos for a client? The Film Look offers a seven-part video production guide that covers topics such as how to get the job, what to charge, shooting interviews, choosing music, delivering the video to your client and more. Watch the series below, and you’ll be well on your way to turning your video production skills into a side... Read more

My Editing Program Is…?      

How to choose from a wealth of riches for professional video production
editing software
I’m not an editor by trade; I typically don’t make my living editing video for others. In the course of producing content, though, I’m called on, from time to time, to edit pieces. I generally cut shorter-form promotional, training, marketing and corporate pieces. I learned to edit almost 20 years ago on Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Back in the late... Read more

25 Video Production Hacks

This roundup of “hack” videos offers clever tips and tricks for lighting, camera movement, Premiere Pro and more
25 Video Production Hacks
Cinecom has a ton of helpful videos focused on commercial video production, so we wanted to share a roundup of “hack” videos. These clever ideas can help speed you up your workflow in Premiere Pro, create interesting camera and lighting movements, and more. Check them out, then get shooting and put them to use! This video covers editing hacks that... Read more

Video: PhotoJoseph Reviews Final Cut Pro X 10.4

A look at the video editor’s latest features, including new color capabilities and the new white balance tool
Final Cut Pro X 10.4
Nearly every Final Cut Pro X user has been waiting for this day for a long, long time. The vastly improved color tools in FCPX are massively welcome, and very exciting! On Friday’s Photo Moment show, I quickly went through the bullet list of new features, then spent some time exploring the new color capabilities, including LUT application (including... Read more

Slip Sliding Away: Working With Dollies

Locking your camera to a dolly on a track allows dreamy smooth moves
The biggest bang for the buck in DSLR moviemaking is an inexpensive slider. There’s nothing like a smooth-as-butter dolly shot (technical term) to bring a layer of professionalism to even the shoddiest production. I, of course, know nothing of this, but I did once hear of a cinematographer who liked his opening dolly shot so much that he used it in... Read more

Create A Dolly Zoom Effect In Post

Replicating a classic Hollywood shot technique in post
Create A Dolly Zoom Effect In Post
In this short filmmaking tutorial by Lewis McGregor, you’ll learn how to replicate a popular Hollywood shot technique in post—the dolly zoom. Certainly, capturing the real thing using a dolly or slider and a zoom lens is ideal, but isn’t always possible. All you need is 4K footage and a few minutes in After Effects to create the next best... Read more

What’s New In Final Cut Pro 10.4

This series of videos demonstrates the new features available
What’s New In Final Cut Pro 10.4
We’ve taken a first look at Final Cut Pro 10.4 and will be working with it more over the next few weeks as we work on our review. In the meantime, here are some videos that show off many of the new features, and plenty more can be found on Ripple Training’s Youtube channel. Read More → Read more