Sundance 2018 Canon Attendee Events And Workshops

With a Creative Studio, Workshops and Events, there is plenty to do besides watch films.
Canon Creative Studio at Sundance 2018
Canon returns as a sponsor of Sundance Film Festival, and this year they have a packed calendar of events and activities. For videographers looking to try out gear, the Canon Creative Studio, which opens tomorrow (January 19th) is a must-visit location, where Canon gear and staff are on hand to show off equipment. Other activities include a portrait... Read more

PhotoJoseph compares the GH5 to the new GH5S In This Review

New video-centric Micro Four Thirds has incredible light performance, but has left some things out
If you do that video thing, then you’ve probably heard that Panasonic announced a new camera, the GH5S, as a companion to the very popular GH5 camera. While many on the interwebs immediately went into panic mode, worried that their beloved GH5 was already out of date — FRET NOT! The GH5S is a complement, not a replacement, for the GH5. With superior... Read more

Hunting For Technology At CES 2018

Drones, robots and SSD dominate the worlds largest consumer electronics show
Another annual electronic circus in the desert is over. 179,999 people and I wandered the aisles of wireless phone chargers, 3D printers, drones, TVs and other “innovations”. There were robots: One that played table tennis, a couple which folded laundry, and one that is trying to replace your dog. We experienced a power outage, and did I mention... Read more

Panasonic Lumix GH5S—All About Video

See how the Lumix GH5S measures up in this video review
Panasonic Lumix GH5S—All About Video
Panasonic just unveiled the new Lumix GH5S at CES 2018, the predecessor to the Lumix GH5. The new camera boasts an updated sensor and the ability to record Cinema 4K footage at 60/50p. With a price tag of $2,499, the GH5S has a 10.2-megapixel sensor, and while that’s half of the GH5’s, it does offer better low-light performance. See how the GH5S... Read more

CES 2018: Getting Out Of The Suite

I wander the annual consumer electronics trade show with lots on my mind
CES 2018
I’m told it’s healthy to get out of the suite every once in a while. There are trade shows appropriate to my world, like NAB or the Hollywood Professional Association’s Tech Retreat, but I also get some satisfaction from attending CES. That’s where I am right now. Sure, it’ is interesting to see all the new—and sometimes ridiculous—technology.... Read more

Learn Effects Inspired By Film And TV

Add a Hollywood feel to your work with these effects tutorials
Learn Effects Inspired By Film And TV
Are you often inspired by your favorite movies and TV shows? Add a Hollywood feel to your films, shorts and videos by mastering techniques found in this roundup of videos featuring After Effects’ tutorials by RocketStock. This video teaches eye effects inspired by Blade Runner such as the Replicant’s red eye and the blind eye as seen on Jared Leto’s... Read more

Putting The Non Into Nonlinear Editing

When to walk away from a scene
nonlinear editing
When I first started writing this blog about editing, I mentioned that I’ve learned from a number of different editors. I remember one under whom I studied many years ago. I had been working for a while on a scene and I paused, waiting for advice. He just said, “Walk away.” I looked at him, puzzled, and he just smiled. He then explained that I... Read more

The DJI Zenmuse X7 In Action

A look at DJI's new Super 35mm sensor camera
DJI Zenmuse X7
DJI recently introduced the Zenmuse X7, a compact camera with a Super 35mm sensor that’s compatible with the Inspire 2. With the ability to capture up to 6K resolution and an ISO range of 100-25,600, the lightweight and durable camera takes professional aerial cinematography to the next level. Featuring a new DL-Mount aerial lens mount system, the... Read more

Postproduction: Horizontal Editing

Using the timeline to manage takes
video editing
Last time I explained a couple of ways to make use of multiple tracks. In essence, they were ways to manage or arrange your footage using the timeline instead of using bins. This time I’ll talk about using just one track. When I work with some directors, I do the first cut alone. I look at the shooting notes, watch through all the takes—paying attention... Read more

My First Color-Grading Control Panel    

Taking the Tangent Ripple for a spin
editing control panels
As a relative newcomer to color grading, I recently had a chance to try out an inexpensive control surface by Tangent called the Ripple. If you’re not familiar with what a control surface is and what it does, think of it as a set of extra controls that give you the ability to dial in more fine detail in your adjustments in grading, editing and audio... Read more