Starting Off On The Right File, Part II

Some problems ingesting—was it something you ate?
Last time I talked about some of the issues that crop up because camera recording formats have increased in complexity. Gone are the days when it was just a simple process to import a .mov file. Okay, maybe those days aren’t completely gone. But with more and more camera manufacturers using folder-based structures to capture media, can we agree that... Read more

Starting Off On The Right File

How you import your footage matters
I had thought of titling this post: “The journey of a thousand edits begins with a single file” but I thought Laozi was talking about something else, not getting footage into your software. Importing, ingesting, adding whatever you call it, the first step — bringing your footage into the edit project — can be done a number of ways. Doing... Read more

ProRes RAW Explained And Explored, With Real Samples!

Apple and Atomos teamed up to bring us ProRes RAW, a new desktop-editable RAW video format that can be captured to Atomos Shogun Inferno and Sumo 19
At NAB 2018, Apple and Atomos introduced ProRes RAW, a whole new codec for capturing RAW video with unprecedented ease of use. In this week’s top Photo Moment show, we explain just what ProRes RAW is (and isn’t) and why you should care, how you’d use it and, most importantly, we look at some RAW footage captured on a Sony FS5 and see just how... Read more

Paying Close—Really Close—Attention

Spending some time at NAB watching 8k
Last time I talked about my vision quest—or more specifically my HDR quest—at NAB. With over 100,000 attendees and myriad exhibit halls, it really helps to set out specific topics to focus on. It’s pretty much a given that anyone buying a TV set these days is choosing from a selection of UHD displays (manufacturers can’t make money building... Read more

How To Add A Wireless Microphone To Your iPhone

Adding a wireless lavalier microphone, such as one by Sennheiser or Sony, to your iPhone sounds easy, but it actually requires unexpected connections and converters
If you’re using your iPhone to live stream or record any talking head videos, then you know that the camera is great, but the microphone isn’t. Adding a wired external microphone is an easy thing to do, but if you want to add a wireless lavalier microphone, it’s actually a lot more complicated than it would seem. This video shows you not... Read more

Hollywood Professional Association Tech Retreat III

Making sure a horse of a different color isn’t?
With this post, I’ll wrap up my notes on the last day and a half of the Hollywood Professional Association Tech Retreat – a meeting in the desert of some of the top technical and creative talent in the media and entertainment industry. Thursday morning began with discussions on HDR (High Dynamic Range) and its many implementations. The panel consisted... Read more

Leaving Las Vegas

At NAB, storage was big as usual, and about that HDR ...
I have been going to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention for a while. The annual gathering of over 100,000 people in Las Vegas is something I both dread and look forward to. Besides the crowds, the dread comes from trying to find a little focus walking the exhibit halls. Over the years, I found it helps to pick a few things to... Read more

Benro Camera Gimbal Adds New Spin On Design

Models with built-in control provide easy camera operation
At tripod maker Benro’s booth I took a look at an upcoming pair of gimbals that look like an excellent solution for cinematographers working with mirrorless cameras or DSLRs, thanks to the clever design and integrated tools for camera operation. Tentatively called the F1 and the F2, the two gimbal models are designed for mirrorless cameras/light... Read more

VIZRT – Our Pick For Best Demo At NAB 2018

A mix of technologies shows what tomorrow's broadcast TV will look like
Across three massive halls, the NAB trade show is an overwhelming space, with tons of products, demonstrations, and people. Each trade show, I keep my eyes peeled for the most exciting thing at the show. Sometimes it’s gear, sometimes it’s a lecture, and sometimes it’s a demonstration of new technology. Such is the case with this demo... Read more

Tackling The 8K Workflow With RED

High-resolution cameras are changing the needs of creatives, but can they keep up?
When RED first shipped a 4K camera, most of the production world was still tackling the HD workflow, which put the company—and customers—on the bleeding edge of technology. As with any pioneers, those that jumped into 4K production did so with a bit of blind faith, and in the case of many production departments, a very light wallet.  The industry... Read more