Leaving Las Vegas

At NAB, storage was big as usual, and about that HDR ...
I have been going to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention for a while. The annual gathering of over 100,000 people in Las Vegas is something I both dread and look forward to. Besides the crowds, the dread comes from trying to find a little focus walking the exhibit halls. Over the years, I found it helps to pick a few things to... Read more

Benro Camera Gimbal Adds New Spin On Design

Models with built-in control provide easy camera operation
At tripod maker Benro’s booth I took a look at an upcoming pair of gimbals that look like an excellent solution for cinematographers working with mirrorless cameras or DSLRs, thanks to the clever design and integrated tools for camera operation. Tentatively called the F1 and the F2, the two gimbal models are designed for mirrorless cameras/light... Read more

VIZRT – Our Pick For Best Demo At NAB 2018

A mix of technologies shows what tomorrow's broadcast TV will look like
Across three massive halls, the NAB trade show is an overwhelming space, with tons of products, demonstrations, and people. Each trade show, I keep my eyes peeled for the most exciting thing at the show. Sometimes it’s gear, sometimes it’s a lecture, and sometimes it’s a demonstration of new technology. Such is the case with this demo... Read more

Tackling The 8K Workflow With RED

High-resolution cameras are changing the needs of creatives, but can they keep up?
When RED first shipped a 4K camera, most of the production world was still tackling the HD workflow, which put the company—and customers—on the bleeding edge of technology. As with any pioneers, those that jumped into 4K production did so with a bit of blind faith, and in the case of many production departments, a very light wallet.  The industry... Read more

Zeiss Shows Award-Winning Lenses, Partner Solutions

The legendary lens maker extends cine possibilities with lens data
At last year’s NAB, Zeiss updated their “best-selling prime lens” on the market with the introduction of the CP.3 and CP.3 XD lenses. Both lenses updated the optics of the CP.2 line, but the CP.3 XD added the sharing of frame-by-frame metadata in order to correct for lens characteristics or to add special effects in post.  Zeiss is showing off... Read more

Fiilex Q8 Travel

This new 340W Bi-Color LED Fresnel Kit offers powerful output, an impressive focusing range and premium construction
We stopped by Fiilex, sponsors of this NAB 2018 blog, to take a look at their new Q8 Travel lens, which we’ll be reviewing in the May issue of Digital Photo Pro/HDVideoPro. If you’re looking for a high-powered LED Fresnel light with a generous focusing range in a kit that’s highly portable, Fiilex’s new Q8 Travel offers powerful output in a... Read more

Insights And Automation In Stock From Pond5

The stock market is a critical part of video production, and Pond5 is one of the leaders
Want to learn more about high-quality cameras and videography? Sign up for our weekly newsletter, full of tips, advice, reviews and more!  Like many tech companies, Pond5 had humble beginnings focusing on a specific business need and has taken that solution and scaled it to a global level. For creatives in video production, getting access to high-quality... Read more

Frame.io Improves Workflow With New Tools

New Mac application and upcoming browser improvements make collaborative editing faster
Want to learn more about high quality cameras and videography? Sign up for our weekly newsletter, full of tips, advice, reviews and more!  Frame.io grew out of a small production studio and its need to coordinate the work of in-house staff and freelance content creators, as well as the need to have the flow of content reviewed and approved during... Read more

Core SWX Solves Battery Issues

Innovative chargers, batteries, adapters address video’s unspoken problems
Want to learn more about high quality cameras and videography? Sign up for our weekly newsletter, full of tips, advice, reviews and more!  While the technology of sensors, storage, transmission and lighting seems to continually charge ahead, a crucial technology still seems to be low on juice. Batteries, the chemical heart and lungs of a video... Read more

Manfrotto’s Great New Video Offerings

From tripods to Gorillapods to bags, Manfrotto has a ton of new products
Subscribe today to Digital Photo Pro magazine for tips, product reviews and advice on videography and cinematography!  Manfrotto, the legendary Italian maker of tripods and accessories, has grown over the years to become a real powerhouse of product development for photo and video.  Their booth at NAB 2018, found in the Vitec group’s space... Read more