Sundance 2019: “Anthropocene: The Human Epoch”

This important documentary highlights mankind’s effect on the planet and examines in shocking detail how mankind is changing the earth and its systems more than all natural processes combined.
Taking four years to complete, “Anthropocene: The Human Epoch” comes from the multiple-award-winning team of Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier and Edward Burtynsky. The docu rolls with powerful effect, opting to reveal rather than lecture, as actress Alicia Vikander (herself an environmentalist) narrates over chilling yet beautiful images... Read more

Sundance 2019: “The Lodge”

Austrian filmmakers Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala turn up the creep factor in a remote cabin deep in the snow-laden wilderness.
“The Lodge” opens with a slow, meandering shot that peeks around the rooms of a dark house until we see a pair of giant eyes peering in through the windows, which breaks the spell and reveals that the interior is actually a dollhouse. It’s a powerful set up that leads us into a haunting tale of divorce, suicide and claustrophobic dread. We follow... Read more

Sundance 2019: The Immersive Wilderness Lands At Sundance

What “The Wild Immersion” brings to Sundance audiences is an eco-friendly, ethical and educational message by taking them on a memorable virtual reality trip to animals all around the world.
What’s unique about “The Wild Immersion” VR experience is that its the first virtual nature reserve at Sundance. Endorsed by conservationist Jane Goodall, the VR experience delivers a strong message about the desperate situation of species extinction in the world today, particularly to younger generations. “We have created the world’s first... Read more

Sundance 2019: “Animals”

Discussing narratives, formats and color with Cinematographer and Editor Bryan Mason
Sophie Hyde made a splash at Sundance in 2014 after winning the Directing Award in the World Cinema / Dramatic Competition for “52 Tuesdays.” This year Hyde is back with yet another project, this time with the film “Animals,” which has been selected for the “Premieres” section that recognizes highly impressive narrative feature films. Bryan... Read more

Sundance 2019: Midnight Preview

This year’s slate of Midnight films promises wild cinematic rides and intriguing content, mixing murder, revenge and dark comedy
The Midnight section of Sundance is always a mix of madness and mayhem, but it always attracts audiences enticed by bizarre, abstract and way-out-there content. Here’s a quick peek (if you dare) at some of what will be on view and what may be the next cult classic premiering at this year’s event: “Wounds” makes its world premiere this year.... Read more

Sundance 2019 – Editing “Before You Know It”

Film editor Kent Kincannon discusses the experience of editing this new comedy.
In film, editing is often seen as a language, which can be both powerful and subtle, in the same way individual notes of music can produce a captivating or soothing melody. When editing is successful, a movie will communicate the intensions of the director, as well as the script, cast and crew. It’s a notion Kent Kincannon is quite familiar with as... Read more

Sundance 2019 – “Apollo 11” Has Landed

A first look at "Apollo 11," showcasing the first moon landing mission like never before at Sundance Film Festival
“Apollo 11” has touched down, so to speak, at Sundance, and it’s a unique take on the historic Apollo 11 mission: For starters, Todd Douglas Miller’s Documentary Competition feature brings pristine hi-res color and previously unreleased audio to replace the blurry TV transmissions we recall from NASA’s 1969 first flight to the moon. On its... Read more

Sundance 2019 – “Tigerland”: Hear Me Roar

Learn about the documentary film "Tigerland," making its world premiere in the US Documentary Competition at Sundance 2019
The documentary film “Tigerland” makes its world premiere in the US Documentary Competition at Sundance later this week. Directed by Academy Award winner Ross Kauffman (“Born into Brothels”), the film is an enthralling documentary that examines mankind’s relationship with one of the world’s most revered creatures by focusing on activists... Read more

The Sundance Film Festival 2019

Find out what new and potentially groundbreaking films will premiere this year
While Park City has moved away from its rowdy history as a freewheeling party town where swarms of celebrities bubble in hot-tubs while film distributors throw money around in all-night bidding wars, the Sundance Film Festival still remains the pre-eminent showcase for American independent film. Having screened some of the most groundbreaking films... Read more

Using Mocha Pro 2019 In Edit, Part 3

Keep tracking “alive” in the edit by using a specific version of Mocha Pro 2019
In my discussion of tracking, I first covered how tracking has developed over the years. Last time I talked about planar tracking and the new features of Mocha Pro 2019. I also promised that I’d talk about a particular version of Mocha that I think is great for editors. But first, a few words about getting up to speed with tracking. Even with... Read more