Sundance 2019: “Memory—The Origins of Alien”

“Memory—The Origins of Alien” premiered this week in the Midnight Category of Sundance, a compelling documentary examining the many influences that went into the making of “Alien,” an iconic science fiction masterpiece directed by Ridley Scott.
If you’ve seen Alexandre O. Philippe’s “78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene” then you know what a love for cinema the director holds. While his “78/52” examined the hypnotic screen murder scene that profoundly changed the course of world cinema, Philippe’s “Memory—The Origin of Alien” revels in the history behind the making of... Read more

Sundance 2019: Composer And Artist Kathryn Bostic on “Clemency”

We discuss the art of sound and examine the challenges of creating the soundtrack for “Clemency,” a film examining the spirit of a prison warden (played by Alfre Woodard) who is tasked to carry out executions at a maximum security prison.
Years of carrying out executions have taken a toll on prison warden Bernadine Williams. As she prepares to execute yet another death-row inmate, she is forced to confront the psychological and emotional demons her job creates, a move that ultimately connects her to a man she is sanctioned to kill. Such is the powerful storyline of “Clemency,” from... Read more

Sundance 2019: Sundance Sales—Amazon, Hulu, A24, Apple And More

Major sales are revealed at Sundance 2019 in Park City, while award-winning standout work begins to be honored as the festival winds down.
As the Sundance Film Festival draws to a close, we’ve learned which films have been purchased by major studios. The festival has also begun to hand out awards. Here’s what we’ve learned: Major Film Acquisitions Amazon Studios has paid $13 million to acquire US-domestic rights to Nisha Ganatra’s “Late Night,” a film written, produced and... Read more

Sundance 2019: “Photograph” Has Its World Premiere

“Photograph,” a film produced by Amazon Studios and directed by Ritesh Batra, has its world premiere at Sundance and is scheduled to appear in the upcoming Berlin International Film Festival
“Photograph” plays on screen with quiet fortitude, framing the relationship between two people whose lives intersect in Mumbai, a meeting that changes their lives in unexpected ways. The film is directed by Ritesh Batra and it received positive reviews after its screening in Park City this week. The film was produced by Amazon Studios and is scheduled... Read more

Sundance 2019: “The Sound of Silence” in US Dramatic Competition

Mandy Tagger Bockley and Adi Ezroni of Keshet International Films sit down to discuss “The Sound of Silence,” the producers’ first film under the newly minted film division of Keshet Studios
Directed by Michael Tyburski, “The Sound of Silence” follows a self-taught “house tuner” in New York (Peter Sarsgaard) adjusting the sonic harmony of people’s environments to cure a myriad of disorders, including anxiety, depression and fatigue. When he meets a new client (Rashida Jones) experiencing a problem he can’t seem to solve, his... Read more

Sundance 2019: Nope to “Mope”

Even ardent cineastes will have difficulty remaining in their seats watching this tedious, low-rent feature, which debuts in Sundance’s Midnight section.
The film “Mope,” which is based on real events, appeared in the Midnight section at this year’s Sundance film festival. Sadly, this trashy ride into LA’s porn industry was directed with all the finesse of a dizzy elephant on ice and is replete with uneven performances, abysmal direction and appalling cinematography to boot. It’s simply... Read more

Sundance 2019: Cinematographer Tarin Anderson of “Corporate Animals”

Today, we’ve returned to interview Cinematographer Tarin Anderson here at Sundance and to join Zeiss for its Art Motion Event, a day of interviewing prominent cinematographers and directors who uncover their moviemaking techniques on films screening at the festival.
The setting for the dark comedy “Corporate Animals,” a film directed by Patrick Brice and starring Demi Moore and Ed Helms, is in New Mexico, where a self-centered CEO of an edible-cutlery company leads her long-suffering staff on a corporate team-building exercise. It’s also where disaster strikes: Trapped underground, the mismatched posse must... Read more

Sundance 2019: Director Alma Har’el And Natasha Braier, ASC, of “Honey Boy”

Today at Sundance, we’re back again to interview two crew members of the film “Honey Boy” at the Zeiss Art Motion Event, where prominent cinematographers and directors uncover their moviemaking techniques on films screening at the festival.
This year’s Zeiss Art Motion Event has attracted prominent cinematographers to discuss their approach to the craft of shooting on set, including Natasha Braier, ASC and director Alma Har’el, who broke down the production of “Honey Boy,” which stars Lucas Hedges, FKA Twigs and Shia LaBeouf, who also wrote the screenplay. The film is currently... Read more

Sundance 2019: Cinematographer Jon Keng

This year’s Zeiss Art Motion Event has attracted some prominent cinematographers to discuss their approach to the craft of shooting Read more…

This year’s Zeiss Art Motion Event has attracted some prominent cinematographers to discuss their approach to the craft of shooting on set. Jon Keng joined the conversation to reveal his technique of lensing, “Before You Know It,” which is currently competing in the US Dramatic Competition. Keng says that the team completed the film’s color... Read more

Sundance 2019: “Velvet Buzzsaw”

Dan Gilroy captured the attention of audiences and critics with “Night Crawler.” Now the helmer follows up with another movie just as potent, this time with an ironic horror thriller set in the art world of Los Angeles.
Dan Gilroy’s latest cinematic treat, a film that satirizes the art culture with ridiculous aplomb, premiered last night. It’s set in the vacuous art market of Los Angeles, where an unknown artist is discovered after his death, leading to a supernatural force that enacts revenge upon those who profit from his work. Gallery owner Rhonda Haze (Rene... Read more