Changes, Part 3

Dealing with clients’ internet speeds
Last time, I started to write about live streaming my edit sessions. Over time, I developed a process that achieves a low latency (delay) of about two seconds or less. I send a stream to a content delivery network (CDN) that allows me to embed a low latency, high-resolution stream in a web page. That means all my clients need is a web browser and an... Read more

Changes, Part 2

A look at the setup and edit when live streaming
Last time, I wrote that I’m still able to do rare sessions with clients on-site. The keyword is ”rare.” Almost all of the time, I’m on my own. Sometimes work is accomplished by posting; then following up via email, phone calls or web conferences to discuss changes; then rinse and repeat. But as I mentioned last time, I have also had projects... Read more

Changes, Part 1

Editing is constantly changing
In my career as an editor, I’ve seen many changes. First, it was tape-based, now it’s all file-based. We went from interlace to progressive (although interlace just doesn’t seem to go away). And then we moved from SD to HD to 4K and soon 8K. While change can certainly be challenging, I’ve really enjoyed those leaps and bounds and have relished... Read more

Adobe Family

Is Adobe one company or several?
I got a chuckle out of an online discussion about Adobe changing their icons again. While the complaints were well argued, it seemed like a molehill compared to the mountain I see regarding Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud feels like a consortium of different companies rather than a symbiotic ecosystem. Since the Creative Cloud workflow suggested by Adobe... Read more

Cables Matter—Test Your Connections

If that cable walks like a duck…
I recently wrote about testing an SSD. As I opened the packaging and noticed the cables that came with it, I started thinking about all the different cables I’ve acquired over the years. While I always try to use the cables that come with equipment, for some reason I seem to end up with extras. In the past, figuring out cables wasn’t much of... Read more

Live Streaming Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

If you’re contemplating live streaming, here's a look at the technical and strategic limitations that you might not be aware of
Live Streaming Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart
The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be felt for years. It has especially hit the production and entertainment industries hard as most traditional production has been at a standstill since March 2020.  The Economic Impact Of The Pandemic On Us I’m a video production person. I’ve been involved in digital cinema and before... Read more

SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD

Testing out an SSD
SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD
I was recently asked to test drive a rugged SSD, the SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD. As a video editor, my first thought was that while I know how I’d evaluate this type of product, it didn’t make sense for me to test it. When I use storage, I look for something big enough to store all of my working files, and I usually don’t need portability. On... Read more

To Green Screen Or Not To Green Screen?

Green screen can be handy for situations where you're not able to shoot talent in a particular location, but it comes with challenges
Green screen can be handy for situations where you’re not able to shoot talent in a particular location. Have you ever shot green screen? I have. A lot. Hundreds of different projects over the years. First of all, let’s get this out of the way, “green screen” has become a catch-all term that describes a process of shooting a subject against... Read more

The Sony a7S III Vs. The Canon EOS R5: Two Mirrorless Approaches

Things have really heated up in the mirrorless camera category
Sony A7 SIII Vs. The Canon EOS R5
Canon has introduced the EOS R5, a full-frame mirrorless camera with almost unbelievable specs that have turned out to be true—with some caveats. Canon Heats Things Up With The R5 Rumors Things have really heated up in the mirrorless camera category. July 2020 saw the introduction of two eagerly awaited entries into the mirrorless camera wars, one... Read more

Staying Organized, Part 4

Creating a master bin structure
In the last of this 4-part series, I’m wrapping up the rest of the master bin structure I use to keep me organized and efficient when editing. Over the years, I’ve found that if I don’t start out organized I end up spending more time than I want to dealing with cluttered bins and trying to find things.  Finish The Finish bin is my catchall... Read more