NAB 2019: Cases For Filmmakers, Cinematographers And Vloggers

Creatives have lots of choices for all types of accessories, especially for protecting lenses and cameras
While content creators love to check out all the cine lenses and new cameras on view at a show like NAB, they’ll also be taking a closer look at all the great accessories on display, particularly those for protecting your gear. Take this case by SKB Cases, which is constructed for the RodeCaster Pro Mixer. It’s got a very tough exterior and is... Read more

NAB 2019: What We Expect And Hope To See At This Year’s NAB

There will be lots of intriguing gear for cinematographers, filmmakers and videographers on view at the show.
Like many trade shows, the NAB Show, which runs from April 6 through April 11 in Las Vegas, serves many different groups engaged in producing many different types of video content. Attendees come from a broad spectrum of industries, including traditional television, radio broadcasting, cybersecurity, gaming, education and cutting-edge technologies,... Read more

My Life Is On Charge

Supporting the battery habit
Let’s talk batteries. I know, a really exciting, glamorous subject, but an important one. I was recently working at our editing desk and looked down at the floor and was immediately confronted by what’s a normal thing around our office, huge piles of batteries charging at my feet. We, as most of you in this business, have a LOT of batteries.... Read more

Silence Is Golden

Edit tools aren’t only found in software
Conversations about editing typically delve into arguments about which software is best or news about this or that plug in. These are all valid points of interest. But often overlooked are the tools you may possess that you don’t have to download and install on your computer. Almost everyone has two of one of these tools: ears. Of course, you use... Read more

Gear Acquisition Syndrome—Are You Afflicted?

Think about gear strategically, not emotionally
The EOS C200 is a piece of gear that has been a financially intelligent acquisition for my company. Have you ever heard of Gear Acquisition Syndrome? It’s also referred to on discussion boards as “GAS,” which makes for a nifty metaphor as well as an abbreviation. What exactly is GAS? It’s the never-ending, seemingly ongoing pursuit of always... Read more

Camera Test With The Fujifilm X-T3—Morning In Morro Bay

Hands on with the Fujifilm X-T3 in California's Morro Bay
I spent some time shooting in Central California’s Morro Bay, grabbing shots of Morro Bay Harbor coming to life in the morning and also shooting footage of the local birds and sea otters to see how Fujifilm’s X-T3, paired with the Fujinon XF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 OIS, rendered the scenes when shot with Fuji’s F-Log profile. The resulting... Read more

Accell Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station

A tuck-under dock for your laptop
If you’re looking for a dock with a different approach to physical design, look no further than the Accell Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station. And if you’re not sure why you need a dock, read this. I have had a chance to try out the Accell dock for several weeks, both at a stationary desk and also on location. I put it through its paces connecting... Read more

Tune In To The Oscars This Weekend

On Sunday at the 91st Academy Awards, the best cinematographers, directors, movies and others in the movie industry will be honored
2018 was another interesting year in movie making. So, be sure to check out all the winners in this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, this Sunday, Feb. 24 at 8pm on ABC. And while the show doesn’t have a host–at least for the moment–here are the names of those nominated in specific areas that will be of particular interest to DPs,... Read more

Why A Dock?

Making sense of laptop docks
I have been testing some laptop docks and will post my experiences soon. But with apologies to the Marx Brothers, I thought I might talk a little about docks and why you might need them. Laptop docks were originally actual docks— you slid your laptop into one. There was a special “dock” connector on the back of the laptop that fit a matching connector... Read more

CES 2019, Part 3

Making room for more
While large 8K displays, 4K with HDR and the odd intelligent toilet seemed to capture all the attention at CES, if you took the time you could find something special. To capture footage for 8K and 4K that can be displayed in HDR, cinematographers often shoot in raw. (Shooting with log works, too.) Those raw files can take up a lot of hard drive space.... Read more