Editing Software

Subscribing to a workflow
Editing Software
The question of where editing software is going popped into my mind as I sat through press conferences and demos at NAB. (No, I promised my editor this wasn’t going to be another NAB recap.) Both Blackmagic Design and Adobe introduced new components to their edit software. It got me thinking about all the editing platforms I have used—and continue... Read more

How To Persevere

What does that word mean to you in relation to this crazy industry that we are a part of?
How To Persevere
Shooting crazy hours, in rain and in heat, pushing yourself to keep going. Shooting documentaries can be just as tough as scripted production. Perseverance. A word that has been on my mind quite a bit lately. What does that word mean to you in relation to this crazy industry that we are a part of? To me, it is a watchword for what I do to be in this... Read more

Is Shooting Handheld Still A Thing?

If a lot of TV and features are still being shot handheld, why have we seen such massive popularity in moving your camera with mechanical assistance over the past few years?
Is Shooting Handheld Still A Thing?
A state-of-the-art handheld rig in 2019: The Arri Alexa Mini. Do you still shoot video handheld? It’s a valid question these days as so many shooters are utilizing gimbals, Steadicam-like devices, sliders and drones. It seems as if the new visual vocabulary demands increasingly growing amounts of camera movement to be considered visually relevant.... Read more

NAB Wrap Up, Part 5

And then there was editing
NAB Wrap Up, Part 5
Obviously, because I’m an editor, this final post on NAB has to be about editing. But, first, I want to mention something about a device from Tiffen that helps solve z-axis bouncing on stabilizers. I’ve cut a lot of material from apparent first-time users of single-handed gimbals like the DJI Ronin-S. If the camera operator isn’t walking properly,... Read more

NAB Wrap-Up, Part 4

Storage wars
NAB Wrap-Up, Part 4
This continues my recap of my tour through the aisles of NAB. An important topic is where to put all those pixels. 4K, 8K and raw all demand more room. And, critically, they demand better performance. One way to get more performance from storage is to move from spinning drives to solid state memory. At the Lexar booth, they showed a portable SSD with... Read more

B&H Payboo Credit Card Reimburses Your Sales Tax

A new credit card for those who live in a state that requires collection of sales tax on internet orders
If you live in a state that requires collection of sales tax on internet orders, B&H Photo has launched a new credit card that will credit your purchase for the amount of the tax. The official press release describes the process: “The Payboo Card delivers instant, immediate savings to B&H customers. For example, when a customer in Los Angeles... Read more

Avoiding A Comedy of Errors In Your Own “Game of Thrones” Production

Content-Aware fills in Adobe After Effects can remove unwanted objects from video…and, perhaps, unwelcome laughter from your audience
Making a film is almost always a group effort, which in many cases can work to your advantage, particularly in complex Sci-Fi or Fantasy productions that require many different teams with very different and specific skill sets. On some of these projects it seems there is truly strength in numbers when you have a cast of thousands—even tens of... Read more

NAB Wrap Up, Part 3

As cameras capture more and more pixels, where are we going to put them?
Putting those pixels somewhere
While it’s great to see trends in production and display, as an editor I’m driven to several things at NAB. One of them is storage. As cameras capture more and more pixels, where are we going to put them? For storage on location, I saw displays of camera cards. CFast, an evolutionary step from the original Compact Flash card, is being used by... Read more

NAB Wrap Up, Part 2

More and more pixels
When I talked about NAB 2019 last time, it was mostly an overview of what the show looked like to me. I promised I’d give some of my reactions to exhibits as I asked myself, “Where are we going?” For this post, it’s all about the displays. More and More Pixels When I was at CES in January, it was hard to avoid 8K, or so it seemed. At NAB, 8K... Read more

NAB Wrap Up, Part 1

Walking the floor
The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Convention is over. They’ve torn down the booths and shipped all the equipment and left-over swag back home. They’re now setting up for the Water Quality Association Convention and Exhibition at the Las Vegas Convention Center. I guess you’ll still hear about streaming but in a whole different context. I’ve... Read more