Resurrecting Old Footage

In search of playback
Hi-8 was actually a fairly popular analog videotape format in the early to mid-1990s. I’ve been on eBay, looking for the right playback device. What kind of playback device? Hi-8, of course. What, might you ask, is/was Hi-8? If you’ve been in professional video for more than probably 10 years, you may have encountered the Hi-8 format in the wild,... Read more

Which Way Wireless?

As the FCC continues to sell off UHF spectrum without involving the majority of the population that needs to use wireless spectrum, we need to consider alternatives to keep on recording location sound effectively
This blog is really about wireless spectrum, not wireless gear itself, but alliteration is so much catchier in headlines and titles, isn’t it? It’s been a while since I’ve written about wireless spectrum, and in the time since I last wrote about what was happening with the spectrum, the world of wireless has evolved quite a bit. A few years... Read more

Making The Right Proxies

Successful proxy workflow
Do you experience dropped frames either from using an underpowered computer or from editing higher resolution files with harder to process codecs? Using proxies for playback while editing can help but getting them to work can be difficult. I previously talked about a proxy workflow with Adobe’s Premiere Pro. There are a couple of ways to start the... Read more

Reducing The Load With Proxies

How proxies can help with playback
I’ve gone through several posts on various ways to use proxies and how to make sure that workflow is successful. But, I haven’t talked about using proxies side-by-side with your original footage on an edit workstation. You might ask, “Why use proxies if the real files are available?” As camera resolution has increased, the load on edit computers... Read more

An Archeological Expedition

Much like a modern-day Indiana Jones, join me as I dig through the relics and remnants of production laying around our office
Production Memories
Much like a modern-day Indiana Jones, join me as I dig through the relics and remnants of production laying around our office. I’ve been doing some straightening and organizing around the office lately. Upon excavating several storage boxes that I haven’t looked through for quite a while, some of them it’s been even years since I have gone... Read more

Proxy Assumption

Making sure proxies work
Previously, I talked about creating proxies to use for remote editing. The original footage remains in one location—not linked to the project—and only the proxies are used. I emphasized that you should make sure that the proxy files are created in such a way that they easily and faultlessly link up with the original footage. You can’t just assume... Read more

The Camera Business Case

A lot of your decisions about when to buy a new camera and which camera to buy should center on the business case
The Camera Business Case
Over the past six months, it’s been a season of new camera releases, each more tempting than the last. The latest crop of mirrorless hybrids and digital cinema cameras present some compelling new features and innovations designed to make shooting more efficient and the output, to me, more impressive. The past few months have seen several new cameras... Read more

Wireless Video In Production

The costs for wireless video systems have steadily fallen while the quality and features have just as steadily climbed
Wireless video has become the latest must-have? Not sure if you’ve felt that distant or perhaps not-so-distant call yet, the siren song of wireless video? What exactly do we mean when we say wireless video? It’s a somewhat amorphous term in the production world but generally, wireless video transmission is used by either: A. Assistant Camera... Read more

Post Hoc Ergo Proxy Hoc

What about proxies for post?
Post Hoc Ergo Proxy Hoc
As I mentioned previously, there are lots of uses for proxies: dailies/client viewing, transcriptions and more. But they’re also used for editing. I’m an editor so proxies for post is what I care most about, and I’ve had both successes and failures with them. There are several reasons to use proxies in editing. For example, when you don’t... Read more

Proxy Matters, Part 2

The end justifies the proxy
Proxy Matters
Previously, I wrote about what can happen when someone asks for proxies without talking about what they’d be used for. In my example, the proxies were to be used by a transcription service. The issue was file size. With all the uploading and downloading, very small files would have been helpful instead of the 1920×1080 mp4s provided. However,... Read more