IBC 2016 Preview — NUGEN Audio

NUGEN Audio has updated the sophisticated Halo Upmix stereo-to-surround-sound software and will be introducing the new AMB batch processing program at IBC

NUGEN Audio will have the brand new Audio AMB Processor software for batch processing of audio files as well as the newest iteration of their powerful Halo Upmix stereo-to-surround-sound conversion software on show at this year’s IBC conference in Amsterdam from September 8-12th. “With AMB,” states Jon Schorah, Founder and Creative Director, NUGEN Audio via the press release, “our customers will have access to a broader array of NUGEN Audio’s award-winning processor technologies, all designed to radically speed up workflows. We encourage IBC attendees to visit our booth and hear more about our integrated services as a key provider of batch file audio-processing solutions.”

Compatible with Avid AAX, VST, and AU formats, the latest update to Halo Upmix will bring multichannel capabilities to an already sophisticated software suite of audio conversion offerings. Halo Upmix provides a number of options for automatically converting stereo recordings to surround-sound mixes complete with a downmix-compatible upmix. Halo Upmix incorporates controls for spacial density and center-channel management that will allow fine-tuning of surround-sound mixes even when there isn’t any access to the original stems. “Combining several technologies including frequency and time-domain energy distribution and neural network artificial intelligence,” says the press release, “Halo Upmix enables producers to target various upmix goals, including full stable surrounds, exact downmix matching, and/or full dialog isolation.”

With stem and group upmixing, this latest version of Halo Upmix has new algorithms for upgrading audio to multiple channels, including several pathways like LCR to 5.1, 5.1 to 7.1, and 7.1 to 9.1, which also adds “overhead” capabilities to the mix. NUGEN made a number of other improvements to Halo Upmix just this last April at NAB where they introduced full support for the Dolby Atmos system. Also first debuting at NAB, the Overhead Positioning feature adds a 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos bed-track-compatible upmix to a 9.1 surround-sound master for greater flexibility in sound mastering and archival needs when overhead mix will be needed for some output devices while the function is still overkill for many others. The “overhead” speaker systems bring Dolby Atmos systems a much more natural ambient circumference to audioscapes and soundtracks. Dolby Atmos has been seeing incorporation into a number of cinemas, mobile devices and home theater systems lately, and NUGEN says they have been working closely with the company to ensure compatibility across the board.

New at IBC, the Audio Management Batch processor software, or AMB for short, is based on the well-regarded LMB (Loudness Management Batch) program that will automatically generate audio level compliance for a variety of output formats. It adds new features like threaded algorithm processing and multiple processing threads for simultaneous handling of more than one conversion stream. This significantly enhances workflow times and makes delivery faster, especially useful for busy post houses working with single operators and multiple projects. There are also new customizations and optional-purchase plugin extensions for other audio enhancements, like upmix/downmix, loudness management of MXF or ProRes files and a DynApt extension for loudness-range targeting and content repurpose.

NUGEN Audio's AMB Audio Management Batch processor software for loudness management over multiple video projects
NUGEN Audio’s AMB Audio Management Batch processor software for loudness management over multiple video projects

Halo Upmix is available for both Mac and Windows at $499. The 9.1 up mix extension rings an additional $199. No price available on the Audio AMB Processor software as of yet. NUGEN Audio designs advanced aural products for the broadcast and post-production markets. With available solutions for loudness management, audio metering and level correction, the company has software for everything from acquisition through playback. Find more information on the Nugen website.

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