News Flash – AJA is now taking orders on the CION

At Japan’s Inter BEE Conference, AJA Video Systems has just started accepting orders for their new CION production camera, which will start shipping by the end of December. CION is the much anticipated digital cinema camera that blew away attendees at this year’s NAB show. If you’re unaware of the camera, AJA’s CION is the company’s first professional production camera that can capture 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD resolutions.


The CION is a shoulder-mount camera that offers in-camera recording directly to all of the Apple ProRes codecs, including ProRes 4444, and ProRes 422 up to 4K 60 fps. It provides the ability to output 4K AJA Raw data at up to 120-fps via 4x 3G-SDI outputs. When recording in HD or 2K, the image is oversampled from the full 4K sensor, maintaining the original focal length. CION contains a simple interface with direct controls, as well as camera menu parameters and live preview video stream that can be adjusted remotely and seen through any web browser with a LAN connection.

In 2007, AJA was one of the first companies to jump on the ProRes bandwagon with the release of their Io HD, the first non-Apple device to encode ProRes. In 2009, they released the Ki Pro recorder, a file-based recorder/player that is ideal for both on-set or post production use. And now CION offers in-camera recording directly to AJA Pak SSD media in all ProRes flavors – including 12-bit ProRes 444 – for image capture up to 4K/60p. In terms of AJA Raw, CION outputs it at up to 4K/120p, with upcoming support by both Adobe and Colorfront.

There are several third-party camera accessory manufacturers, including Alphatron, MTF, Portabrace, Wooden Camera, Vocas, Zacuto and others that have already produced several accessories, from viewfinders to lens mounts and protective cases for CION.

Here’s a video we shot at Cine Gear 2014 of AJA Product Production Manager Tony Cacciarelli talking about the CION…

from HDVideoPro Magazine on Vimeo.

“We have recruited an incredible team of resellers from all over the world to help bring CION to market. Demand has been overwhelming and we’ve decided to start taking orders to pre-allocate the many cameras that we have already assembled in our Grass Valley manufacturing facility,” said Nick Rashby, president, AJA Video Systems. “The image quality, functionality, and reliability of this camera is absolutely incredible. We are thrilled to finally start accepting orders from our CION resellers, and our supportive customers will see that this camera was worth the wait. Our engineering team has been working tirelessly to push the color science on this camera, and the picture is simply breathtaking.”

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for CION is US MSRP $8,995. AJA Pak SSD media is available at a US MSRP of $695 (256GB) and $1295 (512GB). AJA Pak Dock is available at a US MSRP of $395., and a list of global CION dealers.

For information on how to place your CION order, visit to connect with AJA CION resellers. You can also visit for additional information.