NAB 2019: Sharp Surprises With 8K Camera

Sharp hasn’t made many cameras in the past 15 years. The last one I recall was the Epson R-D1 from 2005: An odd digital rangefinder that even kept the vestigial film-advance lever on the camera.

However, recently there was news (posted on the Japan headquarters website of Olympus) that the company was going to start making cameras with a Micro Four Thirds-sized sensor. In other words, they had “declared their support for the standard” and would be joining the consortium.

Still, details were vague. But that news took more concrete shape at this year’s NAB, as the company produced Sharp’s “compact 8K video camera.” The new model features a Micro Four Thirds mount. Sharp also stated “this innovative camera also has a CMOS sensor capable of delivering 8K resolution at 30 fps using the H.265 codec. It’s perfect for all types of image creators, from beginners to professionals.”

Sharp Surprises With 8K Camera

One spec of note: We know that it will only shoot video. No still photos. We’ll know more once we get it in to test it and see how well it performs. For more on Sharp, go to

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Sony RX0 Mark II

Sony RX0 Mark II