Lumix GH5 Versus GH5s Stabilization Test

The Panasonic LUMIX GH5 was heralded for great in body image stabilization (also called IBIS), especially when combined with an OIS (optical image stabilization) lens. But when the GH5s was released—the low-light variant of the GH5—IBIS was removed. Why? In this week’s video, we see a direct comparison of the two cameras in the type of environment when you actually do NOT want stabilization in place, and we discuss why simply turning IBIS off isn’t enough. Check it out here:

In another video from the prior week (I’ve been on vacation, so this is a slow trickle of videos), I explored slow motion—specifically the difference between shooting higher frame rate and lower resolution versus higher resolution but lower frame rate. You can watch that video here:

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