Live From NAB New York

Control setup at NAB NY

Enthusiasm, and surprisingly, attendance, is excellent at the NAB New York trade show being held right now at Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. A long-running show that was only acquired by NAB within the last few years, it has been steadily adding vendors and attendees annually, and is shaping up to be a great alternative for many to schlepping to Vegas to see new products.

While the full-fledged NAB is a massive, sprawling and often disorienting event, the NAB NY show is much lower-key but also more accessible. Crowds are good (lines were snaking around the center’s lobby the first morning, as the process of picking up badges was sorted out) and manufacturers I talked to indicated that they’re enjoying the ability to interact with qualified customers that the show is providing.

Lines hundreds-deep snaked around the Javits main lobby as attendees waited to enter.

Cameras On Display

Panasonic AU EVA-1

Unlike the main NAB, there are not a lot of new announcements at this show, but it does provide a good chance to take a look at some of the technology announced in the last few months that had not become a tangible, working product until recently. For example, Panasonic was showing their EVA-1, which was announced at CineGear, and was on display at their booth. We’re looking forward to testing this new camera, and the compactness and design of the body is much more relatable in person.

Sony Venice

Also on display was the newly-announced Sony Venice, which was teased at last year’s NAB and we covered live from the event. The 6K full-frame system appears at a time when companies like RED are pushing up the resolution in their bodies. Positioned at the front of the hall, the Sony booth draws a large crowd and this new CineAlta camera is certainly he most popular thing to see there.

Sony also showed off the trio of new 4K camcorders, which we are scheduled to review soon.

The booth, packed with Sony’s various video technologies included 4K TV sets, mixing consoles and even these ruggedized RAID systems. These have been available for a few years, but I’d never seen them at a Sony booth before. New higher-capacity units are coming soon, according to the company’s product managers.

Sony RAID drives

Canon’s Video Pipeline

Another front-of-show booth, Canon brought out all the models of their cinema line, and demonstrated their 4K reference displays as their 4K projectors, which were housed in a closed-off viewing area to avoid light contamination.

With the recent launches of cameras at the C200, C300 level, and the previous higher-end cameras, it’s impressive to see the range of solutions Canon has brought to the DSLR-inspried video capture market that they helped create.

Other Highlights

There were a few more things that caught my eye as I walked the show floor.

QNAP was displaying their brand new (announced the first day of the show) TS-453BT3, a Thunderbolt 3 and 10GbE NAS solution. The 4-bay system has a pretty killer spec sheet. There are dual Thunderbolt 3 ports with SMB support, which allows collaborative editing on various platforms. 10GbE enhances the connectivity options as well, and allows studios to build out storage and editing workflows over Ethernet.10GbE is accessed via a Thunderbolt 3 adapter and via a port connected to the SSD caching card built-in.  3.5 drives can be inserted without needing any tools, and the QNAP backup software will protect photo and video archives. The unit will ship for $1000.


We also got a peak at some new lights from Fiilex, This model hasn’t been officially announced yet, but will offer similar features to the Q1000, with great TLCI and CRI for precise color, plus DMX control and tunable color temperatures, in a water-resistant housing. More on the new Fiilex light when they come in to test.

Fiilex LIghts