Insights And Automation In Stock From Pond5

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Like many tech companies, Pond5 had humble beginnings focusing on a specific business need and has taken that solution and scaled it to a global level. For creatives in video production, getting access to high-quality footage, audio, stills and graphics is often a defining factor in creating a high-quality finished piece. 

Today, Pond5 offers more than 60 million production elements and while the company focuses largely on footage, they offer the range of still, motion and audio components needed to successfully complete a project. According to the company’s site, they’re the largest collection of royalty-free footage and assets in the world. While the company’s website says they add 10,000 pieces of footage a day, at NAB we were told that number has grown to 15,000 pieces a day.

I spoke with CEO Jason Teichman and discussed Pond5’s unique position in the market and how they use technology to provide additional tools to creatives. 

Teichman talked about the company’s new search tool, which lets a user find a clip based on a surprising variety of methods. The problem, he explains, is that it’s very hard to contextually describe a bit of footage that’s needed. Pond5 offers the usual search tools (search for sunsets, or The Eiffel Tower, for example), but also offers the ability to find footage based on video they find online. Users can upload clips (or images) and a browser extension allows for footage search to be made inside Safari, Chrome and other major web browsers. Simply drag a video to the browser app and Pond5 will search for footage that is similar. 

This tech is built on the company’s machine-learning and A.I. Tools, which shows both how pervasive artificial intelligence is and how large Pond5 has become. “Years ago,” said Teichman “we didn’t have, or need this technology,” but with tens-of-thousands of clips added a day, finding the perfect bit of footage out of 60 million assets requires the assistance of advanced technologies. 

The company also has recently announced a partnership with DJI and is accepting footage from FAA Part 107 certified drone operators. If accepted, pilots will gain access to new tools, and will have their work featured exclusively on Pond5 for a “period of time”. 

Pond5 assets can be downloaded directly, or acquired via Final Cut Pro X, where a plug-in provides access to resources. Editors that work with preview clips can have the final media imported, with Final Cut Pro X respecting the edit points, eliminating the need to retrim final footage. 

More information about the company can be found at their website