IGTV—Love It Or Hate It, Vertical Video Is Here To Stay!

Admit it, you’ve done it. We all have. We’re all guilty of a) shooting vertical video, and b) complaining loudly about people who shoot vertical video—and probably c), yelling “get off my lawn!” Well, Instagram has something to say on the matter, and that is… VERTICAL IS VALID. Instead of asking their users to *groan* rotate that phone 90˚, they’re asking their content creators to shoot or crop vertical video. But, is this really that bad? Considering that every social media platform uses the vertical orientation of your phone to its advantage, it’s really no surprise that they’re embracing it and going all in. So, love it or late it, it’s here to stay. And if you’re going to create original content for IGTV (please don’t just repurpose old content—get creative, get original!), how should you shoot and edit it? That is the question we answered in this week’s featured video, “How to Shoot and Edit Video for IGTV!”

In other videos this week (and last), we explored the new features in Lightroom CC 1.4 (June 2018 update):

…unboxed a shiny new Panasonic Leica 50-200mm lens:

…and checked out 360 video using the Wunder360 and Final Cut Pro X:

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