How To Get The Most From Your Cheap eBay Russian Lenses On A Micro Four Thirds Body

eBay is full of interesting looking old, vintage lenses, quite often from Russia. They’re almost always screw mount, and one of the common sizes is called M42. You can easily adapt M42 to micro four thirds for next-to-nothing using a straight, glassless adapter. But, if you spend a little more money, you can get what’s effectively a speed booster, focusing light and using more of the original lens, opening up a whole new world of fun and unique looks to your photography. Softer edges, color shift, flares and even unique bokeh are all part of the game. Who needs an Instagram filter when you can create something better in the real world? Learn all about this type of adapter for Russian lenses in this week’s featured video.

In other videos this week, we explore the Platypod camera stabilizer:

…and the Spyder5Pro screen calibrator:

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