Do NOT Do This With Your LUMIX GH5!

The LUMIX GH5 and GH5S are phenomenal cameras. You can record up to 4K30p 422 10-bit or 4K60p 420 8-bit internally. And if you want to record the best of both—4K60p 422 10-bit, this requires an external recorder. This is amazing! However, if you enable that, then connect an HDMI monitor (not a recorder), there’s one more setting you can enable that will actually make you think you’re recording video—when you’re not. Oops! Watch this video to understand exactly how to get into, and how to avoid, this conundrum.

In other videos this week, we explore the world of ND (neutral-density) filters and see how and why they’re useful for both photographers and videographers:

…compare macro lenses to extension tubes:

…and dive into Effects in ON1 Photo Raw—the last training video on this app since the 2019 version was just announced!

We’ll be putting the rest of the training on hold for now, and instead, starting this week we’ll be exploring FiLMiC Pro, the incredible video shooting app for your mobile device:

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