Core SWX Solves Battery Issues

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While the technology of sensors, storage, transmission and lighting seems to continually charge ahead, a crucial technology still seems to be low on juice. Batteries, the chemical heart and lungs of a video camera system, are key to the ability to capture content, yet they’re often overlooked as a key piece of tech. 

Facing chemistry and physics limitations, batteries have evolved much more slowly than other areas, but Core SXW is looking at the battery and how to make the process of charging, managing and using them more efficient. 

The company’s batteries are known for their durability and reliability. The company’s solutions are on display at NAB 2018 and several of them caught our eye. 

For large installations and rental houses, tasked with quickly recharging batteries, the company’s Fleet Micro system allows for the quick recharging of four batteries per unit, and each unit can be controlled and monitored by an app that runs on a tablet. (An Android version is currently available, iOS is coming soon.)

Plug in batteries and see their status, time to charge, number of cycles and more. It’s possible to hit a button to put the batteries into “safe to fly” mode, discharging them to 30 percent, to comply with many travel regulations. 

The JetPack EVO is a power backup and distribution system that’s one of those “why didn’t anyone think of this before” products. It sits between a camera and one of the company’s batteries and provides both backup power in case a battery dies (or whenever the battery is swapped out) and also numerous ports for power distribution. Small and light, these look like they’re part of the camera itself. 

The company also has a range of batteries for DSLR and mirrorless cameras that offer USB and P-Tap jacks, allowing them to power cameras and accessories alike. 

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