Benro Camera Gimbal Adds New Spin On Design

At tripod maker Benro’s booth I took a look at an upcoming pair of gimbals that look like an excellent solution for cinematographers working with mirrorless cameras or DSLRs, thanks to the clever design and integrated tools for camera operation.

Tentatively called the F1 and the F2, the two gimbal models are designed for mirrorless cameras/light DSLRs and heavier systems, respectively.

The FS1 has a controller built into one of the handles, and a USB connection allows the controls to operate the shutter, start recording video and zoom directly from the handle.

The larger FS2 has two controllers, one in each arm, and the second controller operates settings like aperture and shutter speed.

In both systems, the handles are re-positionable, which allows them to swing around so that the system can be held with the camera in a position over or under the handles, the latter allowing for ground-level shooting.

At launch, the two systems will be available for Sony and Panasonic cameras, with Canon support coming later. The controls felt natural and responsive, and the gimbals were easy to set up and operate. I’m looking forward to evaluating these as soon as they’re available.