BB&S Lighting Expands Pipeline Lights Series

BB&S Lighting Pipeline lights

BB&S has announced their smallest Pipeline lights yet, new 4-inch-long and 8-inch-long Pipes, available in 3200°K, 4300°K and 5600°K color temperatures. Designed to fit into small or awkward spaces where other lights can’t, the versatile Pipes are one inch in diameter and join the 1-foot, 2-foot, 3-foot- and 4-foot lengths in the Pipeline remote phosphor LED series.

The Pipes are cylindrical in shape, with a claimed high 98 TLCI light spread over 180º. Additional features include a low power draw (3W for the 4-inch Pipe and 7W for the 8-inch Pipe) and high output (333 lumens for the 4-inch Pipe and 666 lumens for the 8-inch Pipe).

With heatless and fan-less operation, the new Pipes are available in a 10-20V battery-run version or a 48V version, dimmable down to zero. Dedicated dimmer/drivers control output and feed power via a 12V automobile battery, a 14.4V battery via D-Tap or an AC adapter.

In addition to the Pipeline series, BB&S will showcase a variety of new products at NAB 2017.

See the press release below:

Effective: April 18, 2017

BB&S Intros Smallest Pipeline Lights for Fit-Anywhere Versatility

See them at NAB Booth C10845

At NAB 2017, BB&S Lighting introduces new, fit-anywhere, 4-inch and 8-inch long Pipes to join their Pipeline family of 1-foot, 2-foot, 3-foot and 4-foot lengths. Each is available in 3200°K, 4300°K or 5600°K color temperatures.

Just 1-inch in diameter, Pipeline’s rugged, cylindrical Pipes emit a high 98 TLCI remote phosphor LED light, spread over 180 degrees. Among Pipeline’s advantages are low power draw (3W for the 4-inch Pipe, 7W for the 8-inch), high output (333 lumens for the 4-inch Pipe, 666 lumens for the 8-inch), and wide light dispersion–all with heatless and fan-less operation. They are available in 10-20V to run on batteries or 48V versions that dim all the way down to zero.

These new, small, cylindrical fixtures can be mounted virtually anywhere: on the ceiling, on a C-stand, in a doorway. Any small, hard to light space is a good candidate for lighting with a 4 or 8-inch Pipe. They are easily hidden in nooks and crannies in background pieces, and dialed in to just the right dimming level.

These new Free Pipes feature dedicated dimmer/drivers to control the output and feed power. They are power versatile via 12V automobile battery, 14.4V battery via d-tap, or AC adapter.

At NAB BB&S will also display new 2’, 2-bank systems, new bags and cases for new kits or individual custom use, popular Area 48 Soft and Studio lights, new K-7 Twist miniature ball LED light, the LED Flyer pole light, Force V Ellipsoidal, and more.

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