ARRI announces new pro camera accessories for the Sony FS7

ARRI just announced a full set of pro accessories from its PCA (Pro Camera Accessories) line that are built specifically for Sony’s new PXW-FS7 camera. The FS7 is Sony’s new doc-style camera that is ideal for handheld shooting. The camera contains an E-mount and can record 4K and 1080p slow-motion footage internally to XQD memory cards.

ARRI’s PCA accessories will be available individually, or as a full set, and are compatible with industry standard tools.

ARRI Adaptor Plate The new Adaptor Plate is compatible with ARRI’s BP-8 and BP-9 bridge plates, as well as VCT-style tripod adapters such as the ARRI Quick Release Plate QRP-1 (when used with the supplied wedge adapter). Containing a comfortable and form fitting shoulder pad, the adapter plate also has extended rosettes that fit Sony’s original telescopic handgrip and all rosette-based handgrips and handgrip extensions. There is a built-in 15 mm rod console and an optional 15 mm rear rod console for accessories such as image transmitters, displays and batteries.

ARRI’s LAS-1 Support

ARRI Lens Adaptor Support LAS-1 The LAS-1 is a solidly built lens adapter support that fits most third-party lens adapters, including EF and PL mount. The LAS-1 also supports optical adapters such as the Metabones Speedbooster.

ARRI Top Plate The Top Plate for the FS7 is a low mode plate with several 3/8-16″ and 1/4-20″ threaded accessory interfaces, as well as an optically centered built-in console. It’s compatible with the ALEXA’s CCH-1 handle, ALEXA M’s CCH-2 handle and the original Sony FS7 top handle, and also incorporates two solid metal focus hooks positioned at the sensor plane level. In addition, the plate is slightly raised above the camera top surface so accessory screws that are longer than the thickness of the plate will not damage the camera.

ARRI’s Viewfinder Bracket for the FS7

ARRI Viewfinder Bracket The new Viewfinder Bracket is a dependable bracket used on current ARRI cameras and has the best adjustment range and build for this model of viewfinder.

ARRI’s PCA accessories for the FS7 will be available in February 2015. Pricing is unavailable at this time. For more information, please visit