Production Design Makes It

Have you delved into real production design for your project?
A BTS still from a recent live Internet Broadcast I produced that utilized some sophisticated production design. Have you delved into real production design for your project? I recently produced a live stream fundraiser for a local private school. Our company produces a lot of these, especially since the pandemic began. One takeaway has been that with... Read more

The New Hybrid Event

Producing a Live Internet Broadcast hybrid event with an audience of hundreds
A shot of the 10,000 square foot stage that we utilized recently to produce a new type of event, a CIO Virtual Hybrid Roundtable broadcasting to an audience of hundreds of participants all over the country. What have I been up to lately? As 2021 moves on, we’re starting to see the beginning of production opening back up as the pandemic winds down... Read more

The Aputure C300D MKII COB Light In Use

Aputure has hit the sweet spot with this light as it offers good value with great features and performance
The Aputure C300D MKII is the second-generation refined version of the light that kicked off the COB LED revolution, the original C300D. Everyone is excited about COB LED lighting. COB stands for “Chip On Board,” and it’s a pleasant alternative to the LED panels that many of us have been utilizing for the past few years. Aputure came out with... Read more

On Being A Good Interviewer

A documentary filmmaker shares tips for being an effective interviewer
A BTS still from a live interview in front of a studio audience. Being an effective interviewer means that you must wear a lot of different hats, be a good listener and be willing to think on your feet, especially as your subjects respond to your questions. It occurred to me on a shoot a few weeks ago that I’ve been shooting on-camera interviews with... Read more

Lighting With Big Sources

When the situation allows, lighting with big sources has many benefits
Lighting with big sources can give your images a quality that simply isn’t possible with smaller sources. A BTS photo of a reality show set I lit with large sources. Recently, I had a chance to do something in production that I haven’t had a chance to do since quarantine began. I was able to shoot on a reality TV series. Not sure if you’ve shot... Read more

Mirrorless Cameras For The Pro Video Shooter

Adding a high-quality mirrorless camera to your kit can make you more money and let you offer greater capability to your clients
Sony’s new flagship mirrorless camera is the Alpha 1. The a1 has a 50.1-megapixel full-frame stacked Exmor CMOS. Its image processing is 8 times as powerful as other Alpha cameras thanks to the latest BIONZ XR processor. It’s capable of shooting 8K 30p 10-bit 4:2:0 XAVC HS video with 8.6K oversampling. It can also shoot 4K 120p 10-bit 4:2:2... Read more

Have You Ever Fired A Client?

Have any of these scenarios happened to you on the job?
Production is more than just shooting or post production, it’s also about the relationships you have with your clients. BTS on a shoot at a popular department store for a charity client. Instead of writing another blog entry about technology, it felt like this entry was a good time to talk about the ugly truth of client relations in the era of... Read more

The Great Camera Divide Is Growing

New cameras that sell for under $10,000 are amazingly capable and high quality
New cameras like the Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro 12K that boast innovative new sensor technology as well as the highest resolution available for less than $10,000? It must be the Great Camera Divide of 2021! Have you noticed it yet? The great camera divide. What exactly do I mean by the term, “the great camera divide”? It’s simple. Have you... Read more

Is Crew In A Box Coming For Your Job?

Crew in a Box contains quality products that are remotely controlled by a professional team
In our work, we’ve used cameras like Panasonic’s AW-UE150K PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) for the past couple of years. Have we even used them in place of a live camera operator? In 2021 and forward though, does this even matter? What about a box that replaces the entire video location crew? The problem has been that since March of 2020, the world has... Read more

The Horse Before The Cart, Part 2

The importance of knowing final delivery specs
Previously, I wrote about the need to understand the final delivery requirements for your project. Getting deliverable specifications early allows you to make sure your workflow and final finishing will produce the best results when your project is finally delivered. As an example, I wrote about doing the finishing on a project that was completed in... Read more