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April 2012

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April 2012


Convenient and lightweight, K-Tek Tadpoles extend the reach of handheld recorders, mobile communication devices, audio recorders like the Zoom H1 or Tascam DAP1 and tiny cameras like the GoPro and Contour line. With a boom-like aluminum construction, there are three models in the line. The largest model, the K-Tad 79 extends to six feet, eight inches and packs down to under two feet. On the opposite end of the line, the K-Tad Short is a three-section mini-boom pole with a mini-ballhead on a threaded stud. It collapses to a foot and extends to two feet. Estimated Street Price: Begins at $88. Contact: K-Tek, (760) 727-0593,


Featuring a cage-free design for comfortable action shooting and POV handholding, the Sniperten80 KS from Camtrol offers simple handholding, easy balancing and rapid readjustment rig support of smaller camcorders, video-capable DSLRs, smartphones and more. A quick-release plate is included for detachment, and the system's ergonomics allow it to be used with one or both hands. The Camtrol Trol Kit is available for mounting the Sniperten80 KS to vehicles, mountain bikes or an internally framed backpack for over-the-shoulder POV shots. The Sniperten80 KS has a weight capacity of 3.5 pounds. List Price: $259 (Sniperten80 KS); $95 (Camtrol Trol Kit). Contact: Camtrol, (888) 7CAMTROL,


Really Right Stuff offers three modular camera bars that can be used for both single and stereoscopic DSLR videography. The CB-10 Duo Package includes a 10-inch camera bar with the B2-Duo sliding double-clamp for taking a shot and then repeating it by shifting the clamp to the other side for a total of 240mm of travel. For twin cameras, the CB-18 Stereo Package or CB-28 Stereo Package includes longer camera bars with two PCL-1 panning clamps that are mounted with B2-FAB mini-clamps for delivering a stable platform for larger cameras. Independent rotation of the clamps allows precise alignment for setting focal points. Optional MPR-B stop bars are also available for capping movement. List Price: $170 (CB-10 Duo Package); $811 (CB-18 Stereo Package); $836 (CB-28 Stereo Package). Contact: Really Right Stuff, (888) 777-5557,


Elements by 3ality Technica presents the world's most comprehensive accessory system for the Sony PMW-F3. Sony has had a huge impact on the medium- to lower-budget professional production market with the introduction of the F3, which contains a super 35mm-sized sensor and accepts PL-mount lenses—all for less than $20,000. With added S-Log capture, high-end imaging is now placed within reach of productions that are accustomed to prosumer equipment. 3ality Technica has developed a number of camera accessories under their Elements line that make the F3 more like a professional camera system, as well as making the camera body sturdier and easier to handle. There are two main classes of Elements AKS for the F3: ancillary, bolt-on accessories and body-replacement parts. Pricing varies for each accessory. Contact: 3ality Technica, (818) 333-3000,


Designed for the iPhone, the KataData storage and runtime app supports an extensive list of popular cameras like the RED EPIC, Phantom Flex, ARRI ALEXA and Canon DSLRs. Calculations can be entered by codec or device, with all possible outputs and configurations appearing automatically as you go. By entering the amount of footage you have by file size in megabytes, gigabytes or terabytes, performing calculations on runtime or storage is simple, and multiple calculations can be added together. The user interface is intuitive with swipe gestures to convert units and timecode. For RED camera users, stereo and HDRx options can be calculated independently. Supported codecs include DPX, Open EXR, DNxHD and ProRes. The KataData is also compatible with the iPad and iPod touch running iOS4 or later. List Price: $4.99. Contact: Katabatic Digital, (212) 620-0818,


The Flashpoint 312 LED fixture provides your choice of daylight or tungsten light in an on-camera solution for both video and stills. The low-heat, continuous light source mounts to the hot-shoe of your DSLR or camcorder with a mini-ballhead. Twin LED arrays of daylight and tungsten can be mixed and matched through two easy-to-understand dials for matching the light to ambient conditions. The 6580 lux (lumens per square) fixture provides a working time of approximately five hours with two AA batteries. A diffuser is included. Estimated Street Price: $139. Contact: Flashpoint (Adorama), (800) 223-2500,

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