Broncolor Goes Into Motion

The new Para HR and Para FT system gives continuous light, motion shooters the light quality of the renowned broncolor Para modifier
By Christopher Robinson
Still photographers have known Broncolor to be the Gold Standard in lighting since long before the birth of digital photography. Bron power packs are known for their precision and customization, and their light modifiers are renowned for quality, controllability and durability. The Broncolor Para is an exception modifier in a…

Zylight Starts Spreading The Newz

Zylight introduces two new LED lights - Newz and F8-200 Fresnel
By Neil Matsumoto
Since their debut in 2003, Zylight has been one of the most innovative companies when it comes to LED lighting for the production industry. Their cutting edge system is perhaps the most flexible and unique lighting system around. Oh, and they look super cool too! At NAB 2015, they debuted…

Shape It - Litepanels' New Caliber 3-Light Kit

Litepanels introduces Caliber 3-Light Kit - a lightweight kit that offers LED Fresnels for mobile shooters
By Neil Matsumoto
Cameras like the Sony a7S offer ultra sensitivity and "sci-fi" ISO levels, but lets face it, you still need to light. For run-and-gun shooters armed with compact mirrorless, DSLR or camcorders, it's nice to have a small portable lighting system that can the occasional touch of eyelight to create separation…

Gimme The Newz

Zylight introduces the Newz, a compact on-camera light designed for broadcast news and run-and-gun shooting
By Neil Matsumoto
For the past several years, Zylight has been one of the most innovative companies in the film and television LED lighting industry. For ENG and run-and-gun shooters, they just introduced the Newz, a compact on-camera light that contains brightness settings from Tungsten (3200K) to daylight (5600K). The light also has…

Light It Up

Taking a look at some of the latest lights and lighting tools for your production
By Ian Blair
A decade ago, no one was talking about the problems of lighting for digital because traditional Tungsten and HMI lights were dominating the market. What a difference a few years can make. Although Tungsten and HMIs are still popular with cinematographers, a new generation of LEDs has flooded the marketplace,…

At A Glance: Hive Lighting Bee Plasma Flood

Plasma lighting is an efficient alternative to hard-light systems like HMI and tungsten
By David Willis
Consuming only 276 watts while outputting roughly the equivalent of a 1000W tungsten or 400W HMI, the Bee Plasma Flood is the first open-face model from Hive Lighting, a company rapidly growing in infamy for its line of high-quality plasma lighting solutions. With a high CRI rating of 94 and…
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