At A Glance: RØDE Stereo VideoMic X

Setting the standard for single-system audio
By Neil Matsumoto
Although you can capture high-quality images, DSLRs and compact mirrorless cameras were never designed to capture high-quality sound. Their built-in microphones are pretty useless except for capturing scratch audio for dual-system sound. Also, the cameras lack XLR inputs for use with professional mics and their preamps are pretty rudimentary. Since…

Get Better Sound For Your iPhone

Shure's MV88 is a digital stereo condenser microphone that captures high-quality sound - whether you're recording audio or video - for iOS devices
By Neil Matsumoto
Seeing the indie film Tangerine at Sundance 2015, I'm now convinced you can create a great movie with your iPhone. And using a special rig like the Beastgrip or iOgrapher, as well as an app like Filmic Pro, you can create some pretty decent images, which can play Full HD…

Cut The Cord - Wireless Audio Overview

Wireless microphones can add a new dimension to your production
By Bud Osborne
Wireless microphones are ubiquitous. They're used by broadcasters, corporate video producers, large- and small-venue sound-system owners, filmmakers and just about anyone who has a need to communicate or record audio from a microphone without a cable getting in the way. In the last 60 years, they have changed the way…

At A glance: juicedLink RM333

Single-system sound strikes back
By Neil Matsumoto
For DSLR filmmakers, the biggest obstacle to climb is sound. For young filmmakers who have never touched a frame of film, dual-system sound (where a separate audio recorder is employed) is often a foreign concept. For most, employing audio recorders like the Samson Zoom H4n has been a great and…

At A glance: Sound Devices PIX 240i

A versatile video recorder/monitor that also can record high-quality sound
By Neil Matsumoto
With the ability to output data via HD-SDI or HDMI, video recorders such as Convergent Design's nanoFlash, AJA's Ki Pro Mini and Atomos' Ninja and Samurai have become extremely popular with indie shooters looking to capture higher-quality 4:2:2 files rather than H.264. Sound Devices, which is primarily known as a…

At A glance: TASCAM DP-24

Desktop multitrack recording for live events
By Staff
The TASCAM DP-24 is the latest flagship Portastudio from the company that pioneered portable multitrack recording over 25 years ago. The TEAC Portastudio 144 was the world's first four-track recorder based on a standard compact audiocassette tape. When it made its debut in 1979, the TASCAM Portastudio was a revolutionary…
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