Broncolor Goes Into Motion

The new Para HR and Para FT system gives continuous light, motion shooters the light quality of the renowned broncolor Para modifier
By Christopher Robinson
Still photographers have known Broncolor to be the Gold Standard in lighting since long before the birth of digital photography. Bron power packs are known for their precision and customization, and their light modifiers are renowned for quality, controllability and durability. The Broncolor Para is an exception modifier in a…

4K Paradise - The Samsung NX500

Hands on review of the new Samsung NX500 - a compact mirrorless camera system that captures 4K and UHD
By Neil Matsumoto
Although a relatively new player to the world of interchangeable lens cameras, Samsung has made waves in the professional photography world, especially with their NX1 – a powerhouse mirrorless camera that contains a Super 35mm sized, 28-megapixel CMOS sensor, a high-speed DRIMe V image processor, and records 4K and UHD…

Zylight Starts Spreading The Newz

Zylight introduces two new LED lights - Newz and F8-200 Fresnel
By Neil Matsumoto
Since their debut in 2003, Zylight has been one of the most innovative companies when it comes to LED lighting for the production industry. Their cutting edge system is perhaps the most flexible and unique lighting system around. Oh, and they look super cool too! At NAB 2015, they debuted…

ARRI's Total Domination

The Mighty ARRI Display Their New Mini And Other Groundbreaking Products
By Neil Matsumoto
As usual, ARRI had one of the busiest booths on the floor with attendees elbowing their way in to get up-close-and-personal with the latest gear. But NAB 2015 was a pretty big year for ARRI as they announced game-changing new gear – perhaps even besting Blackmagic. On the lighting side,…

Eye In The Sky

The state of camera drones for film and television production
By Dan Brockett
2015 is destined to go down in history books as the year of the drone. A quick scan of the floor at NAB revealed new, lower-cost, more advanced drone technology everywhere. As a producer, director or cinematographer, you may have merely a passing interest in drones, but your projects in…

In The Driver's Seat

With groundbreaking new cameras, ARRI looks to dominate all sectors of the high-end production industry
By Neil Matsumoto
Along with Panavision, ARRI has been the gold standard in the production industry for decades, but the Munich-based company has had a much smoother transition to the digital age than their American rival. ARRI released the Arriflex D-20/21 in 2005, and although it wasn't an immediate success, cinematographers appreciated that…
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