In The Driver's Seat

With groundbreaking new cameras, ARRI looks to dominate all sectors of the high-end production industry
By Neil Matsumoto
Along with Panavision, ARRI has been the gold standard in the production industry for decades, but the Munich-based company has had a much smoother transition to the digital age than their American rival. ARRI released the Arriflex D-20/21 in 2005, and although it wasn't an immediate success, cinematographers appreciated that…

Virtual Reality Cinema: A New Medium Emerges

VR has arrived, and with it, a new type of filmmaker capable of engaging viewers more deeply with content than ever before
By Robert Powell
Virtual Reality (VR), the next great frontier for film and entertainment, is no longer in a phase of incubation, but rather in its last throes of anonymity. For those unfamiliar with this technology, VR involves wearing a headset that covers your entire field of vision with a screen to envelop…

Motion Pictures

Sliders, jibs and stabilizers that help your camera tell the story
By Dan Brockett
What is cinema? While there are many different definitions that have evolved over the past century, one can think of a common-sense definition of the word as the art or technique of making motion pictures. As digital technology has evolved, the cost of admission to the tools capable of photographing…

At A Glance: RØDE Stereo VideoMic X

Setting the standard for single-system audio
By Neil Matsumoto
Although you can capture high-quality images, DSLRs and compact mirrorless cameras were never designed to capture high-quality sound. Their built-in microphones are pretty useless except for capturing scratch audio for dual-system sound. Also, the cameras lack XLR inputs for use with professional mics and their preamps are pretty rudimentary. Since…

Wireless Lens Control, ARRI Style

With three-axis lens control and a lens data display, the WCU-4 is an impressive remote system in an ergonomic housing
By Jim Matlosz
Designed to work seamlessly with the ARRI ALEXA line of cameras—the Plus, Plus 4:3, XT/SXT Plus, Studio, XT/SXT Studio, 65 and Mini—ARRI's Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 is a lightweight, handheld, remote-control system for lenses. No motor controller or extra power is required to use the WCU-4, as each camera possesses…

Get Better Sound For Your iPhone

Shure's MV88 is a digital stereo condenser microphone that captures high-quality sound - whether you're recording audio or video - for iOS devices
By Neil Matsumoto
Seeing the indie film Tangerine at Sundance 2015, I'm now convinced you can create a great movie with your iPhone. And using a special rig like the Beastgrip or iOgrapher, as well as an app like Filmic Pro, you can create some pretty decent images, which can play Full HD…
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