In The Driver's Seat

With groundbreaking new cameras, ARRI looks to dominate all sectors of the high-end production industry
By Neil Matsumoto
Along with Panavision, ARRI has been the gold standard in the production industry for decades, but the Munich-based company has had a much smoother transition to the digital age than their American rival. ARRI released the Arriflex D-20/21 in 2005, and although it wasn't an immediate success, cinematographers appreciated that…

Get Ur Freek On

DitoGear launches VibraFreek, a stabilizer arm for smooth moving vehicle shots
By Neil Matsumoto
Getting professional looking shots from a moving car can bring a lot of production value to your low-budget indie film. DitoGear, a provider of cutting-edge motion control equipment, just announced their new VibraFreek, a vibration dampening system for car cinematography that lets you capture smooth shots from a moving vehicle.…


Cartoni introduces MAGNUM, a high-capacity fluid head for studio and OB cameras
By Neil Matsumoto
A leader in camera support, Cartoni, introduces MAGNUM, a pan-and-tilt fluid head that offers a high payload capacity of 25 - 95 kg (55 - 210-lbs). With a good operator, the MAGNUM has a fluid feel (with no transition in tilting) and an unprecented 5-year warranty, making it a great…

Canon's Prime AF Power

Canon to release a new EF 50MM F/1.8 STM lens
By Neil Matsumoto
Canon U.S.A. just announced the STM lens we've been waiting for - the 50mm f/1.8 STM standard lens. The prime features a maximum aperture of f/1.8, and is suited for portrait photography with shallow depth of field (it's an 80mm when attached to a Canon APS-C sensor). The lens is…

Broncolor Goes Into Motion

The new Para HR and Para FT system gives continuous light, motion shooters the light quality of the renowned broncolor Para modifier
By Christopher Robinson
Still photographers have known Broncolor to be the Gold Standard in lighting since long before the birth of digital photography. Bron power packs are known for their precision and customization, and their light modifiers are renowned for quality, controllability and durability. The Broncolor Para is an exception modifier in a…

Get Better Sound For Your iPhone

Shure's MV88 is a digital stereo condenser microphone that captures high-quality sound - whether you're recording audio or video - for iOS devices
By Neil Matsumoto
Seeing the indie film Tangerine at Sundance 2015, I'm now convinced you can create a great movie with your iPhone. And using a special rig like the Beastgrip or iOgrapher, as well as an app like Filmic Pro, you can create some pretty decent images, which can play Full HD…
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