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  • A Streamlined Workflow

    Copying files, and staying organized in dual-system sound

    by Michael Guncheon
  • Around The Campfire

    Recording audio for a four-character scene, plus powering small recorders

    by Dan Brockett
  • Stills To Motion

    Translating digital cinema through Photoshop

    by Andy Shipsides


Films & TV

  • Get Rhythm

    Director Damien Chazelle and DP Sharone Meir create a unique musical relationship for Whiplash

    by Valentina I. Valentini
  • Glass Ceiling

    The production team for Under the Dome creates a unique town

    by Kevin H. Martin
  • Indie Collaboration

    The production crew of Dear White People takes on visual and cultural stereotypes

    by Valentina I. Valentini
  • Where Is She?

    Director David Fincher and team implement a 6K workflow using RED EPIC DRAGONs and Adobe CC for Gone Girl

    by Iain Blair


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