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April 30th, 2012

Blackmagic Steals NAB 2012 With Their New Cinema Camera

Posted By Clint Milby
New Super Camera Packs a 2.5K Sensor For Less Than $3000.00 If you heard a collective gasp coming from about ninety thousand people in Las Vegas last week, it was most likely in reaction to 
April 26th, 2012

NAB 2012 – After revolutionizing indie filmmaking, Canon looks to disrupt the high-end motion picture market

Posted By Neil Matsumoto
At NAB 2012, Canon's 4K cameras were the talk of the show
With the exception of a camera from Blackmagic Design that nobody saw coming, I think it’s safe to say Canon owned NAB 2012. Not only were they showcasing their excellent new Cinema EOS C300, they also launched the update to the 5D Mark II camera – the 5D Mark III. It’s also probably safe to say that … 
April 25th, 2012

NAB 2012 – Blackmagic Design launches a revolutionary digital cinema camera – The Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Posted By Neil Matsumoto
Blackmagic Design releases their new digital camera - the Blackmagic Cinema Camera
At NAB 2006, RED Digital Cinema announced the 4K RED ONE camera, which became the talk of the show for both ASC cinematographers as well as eager film students. Show attendees crowded RED’s booth to peer at a prototype behind glass and surrendered their credit cards to place $1,000 deposits at the chance to buy … 
April 23rd, 2012

NAB 2012 Recap – 4K Capture And Super Post Apps Dominate The Show Floor

Posted By Neil Matsumoto
NAB 2012 was a game changing show introducing new 4K production and post-production tools.
Last year right after NAB, I converted my office desk to a standing desk in order to train for NAB 2012. A year of standing while working was well worth it because after a grueling three days on the show floor, my feet still feel relatively fresh. (Although I can’t say the same for my … 
April 20th, 2012

NAB 2012 – Autodesk Releases Smoke 2013 – An All-In-One Editing And Finishing Program For $3,495

Posted By Neil Matsumoto
Smoke 2013 is an all-in-one editing and effects super app
In recent years, disruptive technology like the RED ONE, the Canon 5D Mark II, and all-in-one NLE suites have made it fairly easy to create a professional looking project. As a result, budgets have shrunk – especially in post – and editors have been asked to perform brand new tasks, including titling, color correction and … 
April 12th, 2012

NAB 2012 PREVIEW – Canon To Release Two 4K Camera Systems And New Cinema EOS Zoom Lenses

Posted By Neil Matsumoto
The new Canon C500/C500PL captures 4K uncompressed RAW for external recording
Well, if you just plucked down $16K on your brand new C300, I hate to be the bearer of  bad news, but your camera is now obsolete. Just kidding. The C300 is still a terrific digital motion picture camera and its 1920 x 1080 resolution is still the dominant format for both production and exhibition. … 
April 3rd, 2012

NAB 2012 PREVIEW – The Sony NEX-FS700U – 4K Sensor and Super Slow-Mo Capture

Posted By Neil Matsumoto
The Sony NEX-FS700U contains a 4K sensor and can capture high-speed images.
With Sony‘s announcement of the new NEX-FS700U, 1920 x 1080 capture is now officially over! Well, not quite. Everyone is predicting that NAB 2012 will officially launch mainstream 4K solutions and this announcement definitely kicks off the “4K for the masses” movement. We already have a number of cameras on the high-end of production (Sony … 

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