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May 27th, 2011

Off The Wall

Posted By Neil Matsumoto
Joey Skibel captures professional skateboarder Zac Archuleta
For many years, skateboarding videos are some of the most popular videos on the web, although the quality has not always been on a professional level. With the emergence of HD DSLRs, skateboarding videos have really taken off and have never looked better. Recently photographer Joey Skibel shot professional skateboarder Zac Archleta to demonstrate the … 
May 27th, 2011

Using Twixtor in Premiere Pro

Posted By Clint Milby
One of the greatest pieces of software that came my way this year was a little motion effects plugin called Twixtor. If you’re not familiar, Twixtor is part of a family of products from RE:Vision Effects, Inc. a research and development company focused on providing software solutions to modify, control, and enhance digital video imagery … 
May 26th, 2011

Redrock Micro Launches Universal Bundles for DSLR cameras

Posted By Clint Milby
New Concept in Support Rigs: One Bundle, Multiple Rigs Hollywood, CA – Redrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional-quality cinema accessories, today announced the new Universal Bundles for video DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D and 7D. Universal Bundles are a new concept for delivering DSLR support that enables customers to make one … 
May 18th, 2011

A Unique Crane, Jib, Track, and Car Mount System

Posted By Neil Matsumoto
The Carbon XL System 10 is a crane, track and car mount system
Assemble one set of components into a Camera Crane, Camera Jib, Heavy-duty Tripod, Dolly with Track, Car Mount, Zero Gravity Head, Remote Camera Control, Powered Rotating Platform, and Powered Time-Lapse Track. Engineered from carbon fiber, the 50-pound Carbon XL System 10 can be hand-carried to any location to provide the camera motion capability of several … 
May 13th, 2011

Canon EOS DSLRs in Glorious Technicolor

Posted By Neil Matsumoto
Technicolor's new CineStyle profile for Canon EOS DSLR cameras
As you already know, the Canon 5D Mark II has had a tremendous effect on both the production and post-production industry due to its ability to deliver a professional looking image at a fraction of the cost of high-end digital cinema cameras. One of the coolest things about the Canon EOS camera system is its … 
May 13th, 2011

NAB 2011: Teradek Revolutionizes Live Broadcast

Posted By Clint Milby
  We had a chance to visit with Rod Clark of Teradek who talked about the evolution of their products.  Many people are familiar with the Cube which allows shooters to broadcast a live feed from their camera to a video village using wifi.  Rod and crew took it to another level at NAB using … 
May 12th, 2011

MSE’s DC-Slider Will Take Center Stage at Cinegear 2011

Posted By Neil Matsumoto
Matthews Studio Equipment's DC-Slider
Matthews Studio Equipment’s innovative DC-Slider, winner of both the STAR and BLACK DIAMOND awards at NAB 2011 will be featured at this year’s Cine Gear 2011. This unique, precision counter-balanced, multi-function, multi-angled camera platform can create far more than smooth horizontal camera movement. It is also a mini-jib as well as a six-foot tower. Mount … 
May 12th, 2011

P+S Technik’s New 35mm Digital Camera

Posted By Neil Matsumoto
P+S Technik's upcoming PS-Cam X35 digital camera
You’ve probably seen the teaser by now, but it looks like P+S Technik is getting into the 35mm digital camera game by releasing a new camera, the PS-Cam X35. Although nothing is known, the X35 will be making its premiere and host a public screening of footage at this year’s Cine Gear Expo, held June … 
May 11th, 2011

NAB 2011: Marshall Electronics Debuts HDMI Loop Through Monitors

Posted By Clint Milby
Bernie Keach gave us the low down on Marshall’s new monitor lineup with some pretty exciting features. Their new line includes a 5.6, 7 and 9 inch model that feature all of the great Marshall features we’ve come to expect including False Color, Peaking, but with some new surprises 
May 5th, 2011

NAB 2011: More GPUs, Improved Controls Mark Premiere Pro CS5.5

Posted By Clint Milby
On Monday at NAB, the amazing people at Adobe arranged for me to meet with the project manager for Premiere CS5.5, Al Mooney, who very graciously took some time to enlighten me on what people can expect from this upgrade.  I was a bit skeptical going into the interview, as many times software upgrades that … 

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