Events — Top Ten Streaming Media West

HDVP is offering ten free tickets to Streaming Media West in Huntington Beach this November 1st and 2nd! With two days of in-depth talk and hands-on with new streaming technologies, VR and 360º video, find out more and how to win!
Steve Shannon of Roku and Jeff Tapper of Viacom deliver the keynote presentations at Streaming Media West this November in Huntington Beach California
HDVideoPro will be on the ground at the Streaming Media West convention this coming November 1st through the 2nd in Huntington Beach. From Monday, October 24th through Friday, October 28th, we will be giving away two free tickets to the show at random each day to anyone that regrams, retweets or reposts an HDVP article through our social media profiles... Read more

Gear — Wohler iAM-VIDEO-2 Multichannel Audio Video Monitor

The Wohler rack-mountable iAM-VIDEO-2 and iAM-AUDIO-1 with simplified operation and complex monitoring possibilities for broadcast and IP
Wohler iAM-VIDEO-2 Multichannel Audio And Video Monitor
The new rack-mountable iAM-VIDEO-2 multichannel a/v monitoring and metering system from Wohler has been announced as a sister-system to the previously available iAM-AUDIO-1 audio monitoring solution. Furthering the capabilities of the iAM Series with front panel touchscreen for fingertip monitoring of MPEG-IP, MPEG-ASI, SMPTE 2022, 3G/HD/SD-SDI and... Read more

Gear — Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate

The $650 Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate with universal compatibility from compact mirrorless camera rigs all the way up to professional cinema camera systems
The $650 Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate, foundation of the Next Generation Recoil rigs, with universal compatibility from compact mirrorless camera rigs all the way up to professional cinema camera systems
Scheduled to ship today, with 10” of sliding range and adjustable front rod riser for compatibility with a large variety of ENG and shoulder mount camera systems and lenses, Zacuto’s latest $650 VCT Pro Baseplate is available for preorder. Weighing less than a fifth of a pound, the quick release plate also houses commonly used 15mm rod ports for... Read more

Gear — New Manfrotto BeFree Live Fluid Head Video Tripods

The very affordable and extremely portable Manfrotto BeFree Live fluid video tripod head series for fast setup and mobile journalism
Manfrotto BeFree — The very affordable and extremely portable Manfrotto BeFree Live fluid video tripod head series for fast setup and mobile journalism
Featured by Manfrotto as the lightest and most compact video tripod kit system that they offer, the new BeFree Live fluid head series is also incredibly affordable, starting at only $99 list. For those of you in New York, the fluid head and two kits with tripod legs will be debut October 20th through the 22nd at PhotoPlus. According to the product... Read more

Gear — Shogun Inferno Monitor And Recorder

Delivering now, the new RAW-capable Atomos Shogun Inferno combines 10-bit color display with 1500-nit brightness for HDR capture and monitoring at up to 4K/60p
The 4K/60p Atomos Shogun Inferno monitor and recorder for video and filmmaking
Monitoring and digital-disk capture continue to merge as the new 7″ calibrated Shogun Inferno monitor from Atomos begins shipping. First announced at NAB, the Shogun Inferno will record a variety of 4K formats at up to 60p on the 1500-nit brightness monitor. The display is capable of more than ten stops of dynamic range for not only daylight-viewing... Read more

Gear — Convergent Design Firmware Update v2016-10

Adding support for the exciting Titan HD Extract feature that delivers multiple HD streams from 4K, a new Convergent Design Firmware v2016.10 Update for Odyssey and Apollo digital recorders and monitors also updates new format support from ARRI, Panasonic, Apple and more
Convergent Design's new Titan HD Extract feature for the Apollo and Odyssey monitors and recorders
Following on the heels of a release just a bit more than a month ago that announced a new option for splitting a single 4K signal into three separate streams to their $2,995 Apollo, $1,295 Odyssey 7Q and $1,795 Odyssey 7Q+ digital recorder and monitors, the Convergent Design Firmware v2016.10 Update is now available with that functionality alongside... Read more

Gear — RED Helium 8K S35 Sensor

The new RED Helium 8K Super 35 sized sensor is now available for purchase in the Weapon 8K S35 and Epic-W 8K S35 camera systems
RED Helium 8K S35 Sensor
With more than sixteen stops of dynamic range, interchangeable lens mounts and 8K capture at up to 60 fps, RED Digital Cinema has begun shipments on the new RED Epic-W 8K S35 and Weapon 8K S35 camera systems. Featuring the new RED Helium 8K S35-sized sensor, each camera is also capable of 4K as well as Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD/HR at up to 30 fps and... Read more

Gear — New Novoflex PL Adapters

Adding PL lens compatibility to Leica T and SL mount, Micro Four Thirds mount and Sony E-mount cameras, three new Novoflex models join numerous and versatile lines of lens adapters
Novoflex Pl Adapters for Leica SL and Leica T cameras
German-company Novoflex, who manufactures a variety of precision lens adapters and tripod solutions, has announced three new PL adapters that will affix PL-mount lenses to Leica T/SL mount cameras, Micro Four Thirds mount cameras and Sony E-mount cameras. All three also come with an included tripod mount to offset the weight of the comparatively heavier... Read more

Events — Sigma Cine Lenses At The ASC

With matched gearing and imaging characteristics as well as constant T2.0 aperture on 18-35mm and a 50-100mm zooms, Sigma’s new cine lenses debuted this last week at The ASC in Hollywood
Sigma Cine Lenses - PL mount for ARRI Alexa Mini
Announced at IBC, I first heard whispers of new cinema-barrel lenses from Sigma at NAB. Now they’ve officially hit stateside with an unveiling this last Thursday at The ASC clubhouse in Hollywood. With slideshow presentation by Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki, there were also a number of working prototypes available to use with several camera and monitoring... Read more

Events — Ver Camera Open House Los Angeles

The Ver Camera open house in Glendale unveiled massive 24/7 rental facilities, on-ground testing and repair and even 3D-printing for specialized gear needs
Sensor calibration bays at VER Los Angeles
This last Thursday, the VER “go-to company for bringing experiences to life” had an open house at their newest location, also headquarters, in Glendale just north of Los Angeles. Not limited to camera and broadcast production, the gigantic facilities are home to several blocks of lots housing cinema, broadcast, A/V and live production gear as well... Read more

Gear — Drone Volt Janus 360

Flying virtual reality — The Drone Volt Janus 360 aerial camera system
The Janus 360 aerial drone with virtual reality using ten GoPro cameras
Offering flying mount for a 10-array setup of any GoPro camera, the new Drone Volt Janus 360 promises VR capture from the sky. With up to 15 minutes of flight time, the system will also store 150 GB of imagery and transit HD live. Based out of France, Drone Volt dropped by Hot Rod Cameras in Hollywood this last weekend to preview the Drone Volt Janus... Read more

Gear — PowerVision PowerEye

With dual viewing and and optional 4K/UHD thermal camera, a new professional cinematography drone, the PowerVision PowerEye, is available for pre-order with MFT camera at 4,640 x 3,480 resolution
The new PowerVision PowerEye drone with full 4K video capture and Micro Four Thirds camera
Available now for pre-order with shipping scheduled for December, the new $3,988 PowerVision PowerEye is aimed at professional video creators offering a unique “Dual Viewing” mode with integrated First Person View camera that will allow both streams to be captured at once. Carrying a Panasonic Lumix G 14mm F2.5 ASPH camera, the drone design is also... Read more