Gear — LenzO Video Underwater Housing

Available for sale and rental in New York, an iPhone 6 and 6s Plus LenzO video enclosure allows full access to smartphone controls and settings even when submerged to depths of up to 330 feet
Underwater LenzO video housing with full access to functions
Featuring an optical dome lens that has been designed to protect smartphones both above and below water, the LenzO video underwater housing will provide safe and submersible controls of start/stop, on/off, video functions, still camera, panoramics, time-lapse and all of the other shooting modes available on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s smartphones. Without... Read more

Gear — Manfrotto Cases For Video

Several new Manfrotto case lines for video professionals and location shooters; the Off Road Stunt Bag Line, Pro Light Collection and affordable tripod bags
New Manfrotto cases including the Off Road Stunt Bag Line
Several lines of Manfrotto cases have hit the market lately for video work, especially suited for locations and outdoor productions. With water repellence, tripod accommodations and room for collapsible camera extension poles and WiFi devices like tablets, the three new families of bags combine durability and affordability in carrying solutions that... Read more

Gear — Hasselblad X1D Camera

The Hasselblad X1D-50c is a new mirrorless still camera that brings medium format 50 megapixel sensor and medium format lenses to video capture
Hasselblad X1D 50cd mirrorless medium format camera with HD video
At a weight of roughly a third that of the Hasselblad H6 camera, the new Hasselblad X1D brings the top shelf color fidelity, narrow depth of field and high image sharpness that the company is known for in the medium format world to a mirrorless body. At $8,995, this is no Hasselblad Lunar, however. Despite a massive 50 megapixel sensor, the camera offers... Read more

Events — Kees Van Oostrum ASC President 2016

The American Society of Cinematographers nominates Kees Van Oostrum ASC President 2016 and new officers to follow outgoing President Richard Crudo ASC
ASC President 2016 chosen by the American Society of Cinematographers
On June 14th, 2016, newly elected American Society of Cinematographers President Kees Van Oostrum, A.S.C. was handed the reigns of the organization after eight years of leadership by Richard Crudo, A.S.C. Van Oostrum is known primarily for documentary work as well as cinematography on such films as Gettysburg, Gods and Generals and Thinner. Highlighted... Read more

Gear — Think Tank Photo’s Helipak Backpack

Organization, portability and comfort for carrying complete quadcopter and drone setups like the DJI Inspire with Zenmuse gimbal Helipak Backpack
Think Tank and the Helipak Backpack case sized for larger drones like the DJI Inspire camera
For aerial video enthusiasts, there’s a new bag, the Think Tank Helipak Backpack for DJI Inspire, sized specifically for larger drone camera models. With lumbar support, ABS twinwall reinforcement and customizable divider system, the Helipak Backpack will hold a ready-to-go DJI Inspire quadcopter with the Zenmuse gimbal as well as three additional... Read more

Gear — Sennheiser G3-A1 Wireless Audio Systems

A frequency variant for the evolution wireless ew 100G3 and ew 300 IEM G3 series ensure compatibility with the 470 to 516 MHz range
Sennheiser G3-A1 wireless audio system will feature futureproof frequencies in the 500 MHz range
For audio and video professionals concerned about future-proofing wireless audio systems with the upcoming broadband auction, Sennheiser has updated their line of Sennheiser G3-A1 wireless audio solutions to address reallocations by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Department of Industry of Canada (IC). Aimed at regulation of the... Read more

Gear — Panasonic VariCam Firmware 6.0 Update

New operational features, workflow enhancements and recording options with the VariCam Firmware 6.0 upgrade for the Panasonic VariCam 35 and HS
VariCam Firmware 6.0 for the Panasonic VariCam 35 and HS adds new features and workflow enhancements
Panasonic has released a free firmware upgrade, VariCam Firmware 6.0, for the VariCam 35 as well as its higher-frame-rate brethren, the VariCam HS, which offers HD capture at up to 240fps. Adding several new key features that expand recording options in both systems, there are also a number of operational and workflow enhancements. Some of these include... Read more

Gear — Anton/Bauer’s First IATA Compliant Battery

First out of the gate to meet new regulations, a firmware update for the Performance Quad Charger will discharge power levels to air travel safety restrictions
The Anton/Bauer Quad Charger to meet new IATA travel compliance
Announced to take effect this last April, the International Air Transport Association has released stringent new rules for Lithium batteries during air travel. Anton/Bauer is claiming that their new Performance Quad Charger will meet these qualifications by distilling the power down to any level, even the 30% SoC (state-of-charge) level specified by... Read more

Events — NAB New York

Following an annual exhibition every April in Las Vegas, the National Association of Broadcasters has started a new convention each November
NAB New York — A new chapter of the Las Vegas NAB expo
The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is ramping up for a new East Coast sister-chapter of the typically massive show held annually in Las Vegas. The NAB convention brings more than 1,700 exhibitors and 100,000 media and broadcast professionals to Nevada each April. Comparatively, the much more intimate NAB New York expo in New York had an... Read more

Gear — Advanced Chimera Lighting Solutions

New lighting innovations from a favorite in cinematography
Chimera Lighting has been killing it with their extensive line of professional lighting solutions and accessories over this last year. First introducing new ARRI SkyPanel accessories in April at NAB, they also had a number of recent items on display at Cine Gear, including spanking new Octa lightbank solutions, several adapters for LED solutions, an... Read more

Cine Gear 2016 — 8K Panavision Millennium DXL

Combining technologies from RED, Light Iron and Panavision, there’s a new camera in the top end filmmaking segment
The Panavision Millennium DXL camera at Cine Gear 2016 — Photo by David Alexander Willis
It’s interesting to see over time how things can often come full circle. Following more than sixty years of filmmaking production and camera production, Panavision was one of the first filmmaking companies to embrace digital back in 2006 with the Panavision Genesis, and despite an incredibly strong start with usage on films like Apocalyptico, Superman... Read more

Gear — The Eclipse Net Family From Redrock Micro

“Solo camera operators can now do it all” thanks to a new brand of products with advanced automated follow focus tracking and remote control lens operation
Redrock Micro Eclipse Net
Redrock Micro is known primarily for professional rigs and accessories designed to make smaller camera systems like DSLRs a much more viable solution for video capture. At this year’s NAB conference, the company announced the new Eclipse Net series of camera support accessories that makes it a lot easier to control camera functions and follow focus... Read more