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Video By Justin Lewis

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  • Title: DUST
  • Description: DUST is a visual articulation of my personal love and connection to the outdoors. Given a RED EPIC camera and thirty days to create a short film on any topic, I knew immediately that I wanted to focus on the intimate relationship between the human spirit and the natural world. The production of this project was challenging, fast-paced and incredible. With my partner and Co-Producer, Michelle Stauffer, we traveled throughout California with as much equipment as the two of us could handle, seeking out the unique locations needed to create this film. To capture the underwater sequence I had the opportunity to shoot the RED EPIC in the DEEP EPIC GATES HOUSING in a river gorge, and also explore the capabilities of the Kessler CineDrive for time-lapse and multi-access moves. Details on the production of the film and the equipment that made it possible can be found in a follow up video coming soon.
    Thank you for watching,
    -Justin Lewis

    'And I was left to wonder. Here I will wait for a tomorrow that may be skidding through time, never aware of a small portal trespassing in its vast stillness.' - William Lewis

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