Gear — ARRI C700 Mounts

New ARRI brackets and mounting systems for the Canon Cinema EOS C700 camera add compatibility with ARRI accessories and supports plus shoulder pad for handheld operation

Gear — Panasonic AK-UB300 Box Camera

The $24,995 4K Panasonic AK-UB300 Box Camera IP streaming and multipurpose design for remote work, aerial photography, sports, news gathering and live events

Events — Sundance 2017 Schedule Of Films Announced

Nearing its thirtieth year, the Sundance 2017 schedule of films will feature performances from Casey Affleck, Keanu Reeves, Rooney Mara, Claire Danes, Alfre Woodard, Jason Schwartzman and many more

Gear — Sennheiser Digital 6000 Series For Live Productions

Sennheiser’s Professional Wireless Range is updated with the new Digital 6000 Series of radio microphones with reliable RF transmission for up to eight connected systems

Featured Project

The new Syfy series Aftermath was shot by Jon Joffin, ASC, who cut his teeth on the original run of The X-Files. VFX supervisor Mark Savela tapped various freelance artists, including Creative Post veteran Derek Grime, to bring supernatural creatures to life, all seemingly harbingers of a coming apocalypse.

Decoding The Apocalypse

The effects-driven show Aftermath follows the rise of supernatural creatures, massive storms and earthquakes that signal the beginning of Armageddon

More Recent Projects

The High Life

Indie filmmaker Ben Wheatley and cinematographer Laurie Rose go upscale to adapt J.G. Ballard’s sci-fi classic High-Rise

Shooting Blind

Despite dumping most of his gear and breaking the monitor on his EPIC-M RED DRAGON, filmmaker Renan Ozturk and his climbing team completed Down To Nothing, a documentary following the perilous ascent of one of Southeast Asia's tallest Mountains

Moody Blues

Stefan Czapsky, ASC, reveals his fresh approach to capturing cinematic visuals on NBC’s latest hit, Shades of Blue

Gear Spotlight

Starting with a 100mm, 150mm and 180mm, the Raptor family of prime cinema lenses will cover full-frame sensors.

Raptor Cine Lenses From IB/E And Band Pro

Beginning with 100mm, 150mm and 180mm focal lengths, two companies are collaborating on the Raptor line of lenses for cinema cameras, capable of full-frame coverage for the new breed of large-sensor camcorders

Latest Gear

Three Monitors That Deliver The Details

Compact production monitors offer a light and affordable way to improve focus and exposure on set

Keeping The Balance

With camera stabilization becoming more affordable for filmmakers, we examine the options for cinematographers seeking support for both light and heavier-weighted cameras


Making The Cut

In the not-so-distant past, editing for film and television was a well-established practice, but in our modern tech-savvy world, how exactly has the process changed?

Boris Continuum Complete

Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) is a comprehensive set of over 230 VFX plug-ins designed to complement postproduction tasks—from editing and effects, to graphics and finishing.

DaVinci Resolve 12

More than a color-correction tool, the latest update aspires to be a complete post package


NASA Goes Hollywood

To create authentic effects for Sir Ridley Scott’s The Martian, Territory Studio collaborated with the agency for thrilling results, underscoring this modern-day Robinson Crusoe adventure in space

Outside The Box Tools

Cinematographers discuss the sometimes unorthodox tools that help them on set